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Help Me Understand: Degrees of Pitch, Roll, Yaw

Or rather, degrees of pitch, roll and yaw as an ACB recognizes them.

I understand what pitch, roll and yaw are. I understand what degrees of rotation are. What I don't understand is a negative degree of rotation. I just finished a semester of geometric fundamentals and the concept of a flatly negative rotation isn't making any sense to me. It's obvious that either you're turning clockwise or counterclockwise but which "turn" is negative and which is positive? If a ship rolls left/right in a forest and nobody hears it, does it have a positive or negative angle? And why does the ACB only go to 90 degrees instead of 180 if the rotational plane is a 360 degree circle?

However, I feel like I've googled far and wide both regarding FtD and generalized rotational mechanics to try and find a straightforward answer but come up short regardless. I've also tried to uncover if the orientation of the ACB affects how it interprets the rotational axes; I know it does localized altitude and positioning checks but I don't know if its orientation matters like its XYZ coordinates on the vehicle itself or if it just notes its initial placement as P0|R0|Y0 and works off that.

In addition to my question, can someone tell me where at in the game (that I missed) it tells you this information? I might have missed other things from that page/GUI. I swear I looked all over the vehicle information screen to see if it tells you the current rotation, but maybe I'm just incompetent.

I really hope that you're not expected to simply play with the ACB at random until you innately glean a trial-and-error sense of how its internals work...

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Help Me Understand: Degrees of Pitch, Roll, Yaw - by Zephyratus - 2017-04-20, 11:45 PM

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