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Box launcher

Please oh Our lord and savior Scott!
Add back the Simple weapon small missiles! I need them for me jeeps!
But let me ask you what's an awesome Idea? You were playing with the idea of "Missile Gauges" I think you have misread the problem. We need a new gantry type! A box gantry I want to have a nice looking box gantry with a number of packed launch tubes controllable by a slider with missiles that scale in damage and atmospheric effects. I want to be able to make many tiny rockets to punish flying squirrels and it would be hard countered by splash damage CWIS Anti-missile cannons but through saturation get through laser defenses. It is okay if they don't pierce armor due to the damage spread over multiple hits allowing for multiple armor deductions because this weapon would be used in the Ashes of the empire campaign to great effect and would bounce off of large battleships anyways. It is a niche weapon I know. But I do want something to replace the simple weapons missile that was an almost useless but beloved part of my gunships. You can disable components that would make problems (bouy's torpedos one turns [for lag]) And even have a sliding disable where more rockets you pack into the tubes the less advanced components are available ( first the IR goes then the APN then the Laser guidance as you pack more and more smaller scaled missiles in ending with only dumb fire and thud warheads.)

I've always given you good ideas! Also, make cleaner skins for the missiles if you want them to be visibly recognizable at a distance add different patterning to a smooth surface to signify different components in a nice black and white like your game image. If you want to keep the old models just have a checkbox and let the players choose what ones they like.

Thank's Scott now, we need to revitalize the game something we can do that won't take a lot of work programming modeling texturing wise. Something that will make people excited to play the game again. I have some suggestions for this. But that's coming later after I collect my thoughts. But in essence a gauntlet game mode where your ship is pit against other ships of similar resource count. When you enter a ship it is downloaded to the cloud and added to the gauntlet. When you enter you download an enemy from the cloud and fight it. you beat it you knock it out of its spot in the gauntlet and it stands as a boss to be defeated by another. have like 500 spots. Wrong thread I know and there are some problems with it. The best thing you can do for this game is play with us make interesting events outside the seasonal campaigns. And give us tiny missiles (pew pew)

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