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Naval AI with terrain & friendly avoidance, evasive maneuvers [2017-11-05]

(2017-01-13, 08:32 PM)ZerothAngel Wrote: On one of my warships, I have roll props and a set of hydrofoils towards the bow. G.P. PIDs actually works well for both, one set to roll and the other set to pitch hydrofoil. PID control just seems better for most things (if you take the time to tune it) vs. the "bang-bang" approach of ACBs (and you'll often need 2-3 ACBs to do the job of 1 PID...)

As posted, your ship seemed pretty nimble. From testing, it was able to do a 90 degree heading change in 8 seconds/170 meters.

If you're interested in measuring turning speed, turning radius, and/or help in tuning the yaw PID, I have a script for that (not normally listed on my index page). It simply changes course every minute or so (due north, east, south, west) and alternates the throttle between 50% & 100%. The results are outputted to the HUD and logged to the Lua box. Since it takes full control, it has to be the only combat AI script running, of course.

I am learning to not fear the PID finally. Although I doubt it is set optimally, it wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be tuning that roll PID to good result. So I'll have to give that a try.

That script sounds like exactly what I need, thanks! And of course thanks for your other scripts, and for all of your help!

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