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Changing Tides - Archived pre-subforum thread

Well I made another ship like the Vanguard....

Say Hello to the Hunter class Thrusterfoil:

[Image: KrhGOgI.jpg]

That's the best action shot I've gotten yet lol

She's slightly larger than the Vanguard, but impressively stronger.


After Designing the Vanguard and the Matercula, the head engineer didn't feel accomplished. He felt that there needed to be a ship of the line so to speak and that all his previous designs didn't accomplish this, so he left his private room and began work on another ship in his workshop. After hours upon hours of building he came up with the perfect design! That was before he realized that said design had no fuel or ammo.....redesigning it in an infuriated state, he fixed the problem and then said screw it to the aesthetics. Trials started the next day, after a short talk with the mysterious man again. This time though, the engineer wanted something of a real challenge! So he assembled a battle flotilla comprised of 1 Hunter and 2 Vanguards and awaited the ship that the man would bring him. After a days worth of waiting (and a short reprieve on land, that may or may not have involved a liquid substance.....or 5) the mysterious man filled his promise, with a ship called the Iron Cordon. The initial test, went terribly. The Hunter's engine failed and the engineer fled to the safety of his personal life boat before the Iron Cordon shredded it to bits. Rebuilding from scratch he fixed this issue and sent the flotilla out again, and won handily. The Iron Cordon buckled under the hammering blows dealt to it and eventually (after 20 minutes) was crushed completely. Production: Awaiting approval from higher ups.

(I'm not gonna lie, this is starting to become fun lol)

Anyways, away from the lore. I'm genuinely impressed with this ship, it costs just under 200,000 metal and can take on an Iron Cordon with only two Vanguards. Of course initial testing was originally against, a DWG Corsair (and then another one), a DWG Prowler (and btw, these three were taken on by the same vessel merely seconds apart from each others destruction), and then I jumped to the OW Palisade....which kicked it's butt so I jumped even higher to the OW Iron Cordon haha.
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