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Changing Tides - Archived pre-subforum thread

I've looked at the Corensian Monarchy guidelines so I'll begin building that soon. However in the meantime I've remade the Matercula's Radar tower:

[Image: XxzhHBP.jpg]

[Image: s10qOYN.jpg]

How do you think it looks? It no longer has the sight range on the map, but it does now have the ability to constantly target an object (even though at times the lasers will disappear, they still function perfectly fine) as well as has missile detectors on the 'radar' and laser detectors with smoke deployers (albeit they aren't very effective there so it's pretty much purely aesthetic). Furthermore I've removed the spawners (not the sub-vehicle ones Tongue) and added some things there for aesthetics and I've downed the main gun from a triple barrelled 150mm to a dual barrelled 150mm. I plan on actually messing with it and either keeping the 150mm and making it able to almost fire constantly OR replace the main gun with a cram cannon. I'm not sure which as of yet. I have unfortunately not removed the extra armor yet and add the ejectors to the missiles since I can only get on for short bursts.

In this short burst however I also modified the Vanguard. I believe her Interceptor missiles are working now (?), and I've fixed the engine overheat by adding on another compact engine as well as fixing a rare bug she had where she would turn into a submarine (I think). Something interesting BTW, I had her and two Ticks take on a Constitution from the OW and they came out handily on top (she was down to 87% (since she lost her turret) and remained that way, the Ticks took 1% damage each since they on accident bumped skids). I'll continue editing them in the meantime, I won't add the BP's just yet since I have a feeling I'll be making more edits very soon (hopefully tomorrow or Friday), I just wanted to let you know the progress I'm making.

Also, since the Vanguard didn't turn out the way I wanted it to I'll be making more like her. One with a APS that actually fires constantly and a AA version.

I've also begun laying the keel for a Monitor class vessel since I'm very much so excited about them. What I plan on having is a 3m thick metal top hull and 1m thick metal side hull. 1 or 2 Dual 200mm turret(s), and a torpedo launcher in the front hull (since monitors did have torpedo's).

Finally I'm gonna begin building the twin hull ship soon, I'm just in need of some design ideas in the meantime lol.
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