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TIE-Sail Freighter: 50+ m/s sailing, zero-fuel-use flying resource hauling airship.

So I decided to build a sail-powered resource transport. A streamlined barge, really.

However, for whatever reason the vessel-in-progress seemed to have a strange desire to nose up and try to fly. I tried reasoning with it but it simply refused to act like a sailboat.

Fine! Have it your way! If you want to fly so badly, then I will make you will fly!

So, presenting: The TIE-Sail Freighter. Named for similarities it may have in appearance with a certain empire's preferred lower-end combat platforms.

[Image: F57XzMyl.jpg]

This high speed flying freighter is well suited to hauling materials around.

Features include:

-Zero Fuel Use. Its heliblades are all set to zero motor drive, and its forward speed comes entirely from sails. Oh, right, and it doesn't have an engine to use fuel in the first place. It does carry some fuel though for the sake of resupplying vessels.

-Large resource capacity. This vessel has a nice large resource capacity. The default design carries a reasonable amount of everything, but if you wish, you may modify its cargo layout to suit your needs (for instance, clearing out the internals and filling it full of fuel to keep your frontline warships topped off).


1. Out of Play speed, and modified variants. This vessel will move at about 40 m/s in some directions, but will move over 50 m/s in its preferred directions. This is because it is sail-powered, and sails will provide more thrust depending on what direction the wind is relative to the vessel.

As a result, if you wish to modify the vessel, I suggest spawning one of the DWG "Drone" vessels in afterward so that the Freighter will attempt to make passes at said drone. When it does so, it will most likely turn through the direction where it goes over 50 m/s, which will allow the modified blueprint you save afterward to still travel at its full speed when out-of-play.

2. Brakes. The TIE-Sail Freighter includes no brakes. Sorry.

3. Dealing with enemies. The TIE-Sail Freighter is unarmed, and depending on what you fill it with, likely to be volatile. It is however faster then most fleets that might try to attack you, so when in doubt run away. If you wish to improve survivability, the recommended course of action is to have a separate fleet of escorts (fighters, ships, turret-fortresses, whatever) near it so that the enemy encounters THEM first.

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.blueprint   TIE_Sail_Freighter.blueprint (Size: 254.75 KB / Downloads: 54)
Your giant expensive powerful warship of doom can be destroyed by dropping an anvil on it. One day, I will finally have enough engines to actually make a ship without stopping to make more engines.

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