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Proposal for campaign changes

I'm planning a system with three tiers of awards called (something like) combat merits, combat distinctions, and valorous combat awards

You earn combat merits by engaging in battles with larger enemy forces and dealing more damage than you sustain. Combat merits allow you to summon allies into fights or summon enemies into fights (taunting them with your combat history... They want to fight you).

Combat distinctions are earned by defeating taunted enemies in combat. So if you spend 50 combat merits inviting an SD unit into your next fight and you win you get 5 combat distinctions
Combat distinctions can be spent upgrading your forces to "mercenary status". These improved units can be brought into any faction on faction fight (when the fight begins they teleport to the scene of you want them to). Winning these fights earns you loot (as usual) and valorous combat awards.

All three tiers of awards can be spent on other things- most notably you can spend valorous combat awards to change faction relationships with any other faction (creating wars or peace). Combat ammo resupplies can also be bought with combat distinctions. Perhaps some other stuff like exchanging for materials.

The idea is that this will encourage small fleets and difficult fights, allow 8 way fights (summoning enemies and allies of all nations), allow mercenaries to change the course of faction on faction warfare, and allow meaningful diplomacy changes

Using mercenaries to help allies will also alter diplomacy

Mercenaries will not be able to engage in a fight or be engaged in a fight but only be hired out to other factions  or join faction on faction battles.. this means that it slims down the players core fleet to avoid snowballing... Forcing them to turn core forces into mercenaries to get valorous combat awards

In localised resource mode mercenaries that teleport half the world away to engage in a fight will need to treck home to deposit their material loot back into the economy. Centralised mode they won't need to do that of course.

And finally... The enemies and allies you summon into battle will be summoned from existing faction fleets so you can use this system to help you slim down the number of allied and enemy fleets that exist on the map.. so if you continuously summon OW units as allies it will affect their performance in their war with their enemies. Summoned allies and enemies will split into a new fleet and be at the combat location after the battle ends meaning you need to be a bit careful who you taunt into combat as they would wipe your territory if you lose the battle

The other changes to campaign are to remove garrison locations and just have roaming fleets under the control of a much smarter and more interesting AI mastermind (one for each faction). And this will factions to fight other factions (of course).

And finally we need do something about boarding and capturing and loot from that

What do you think of this proposal?
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Seems a little gamey to me, but at least it doesn't sound like it'd break anything much. Pretty indifferent to it.

As for boarding, gib anti-avatar weapons controller nao (or alternatively a simple weapon sentry turret that can engage the avatar).

Want my honest opinion?
Yes Yes and Definitely Yes, everything here I really want, I've always wanted to have the OW help me destroy the DWG.

Sounds good. Trading merit with factions will hopefully spice diplomacy a lot. Maybe you could trade in captured ships for merit, as an alternative for scrapping them or buy some desings from factions that you have a good relations with (good for newbies).

Roaming fleets sounds awsome. Fleet detectability should be based on fleet size and composition so you could have submarine wolfpacks sneaking on your supply convoys, or small DWG raiders sneaking around wrecking havoc on your bases.

Sounds good from me.

most important is to finnaly get Strategic AI,
There is always a weak-spot if you search Hard enough.

If you fire enough AP at that shield, at some point you're going to come through.

There is no "best" I wouldn't even say there is anything universally good, Good is subjective, I find everything bad even if it's in theory good against this or that.


(2019-08-19, 04:58 PM)KuroTerrorSquid Wrote: Roaming fleets sounds awsome. Fleet detectability should be based on fleet size and composition so you could have submarine wolfpacks sneaking on your supply convoys, or small DWG raiders sneaking around wrecking havoc on your bases.
Maybe make it so fleet detectability is actualy detection based (would require a visual detection range nerf), but make it be a constant say 15 or 20km when having detection turned to override.

Indifferent towards it except for the last 2 lines, which is the most interesting part

Holy spaghetti
Thats amazing idea

Faction v Faction fight ? Meaningful world domination ? Oh boy... quite a start  Big Grin

About boarding... well... uh i might not be in the majority but i would simply ask you to remove avatars altogether (So the player becomes just a camera flying in the sky) and be boarding based on the enemy ships surrendering to you if they are in a fight they cannot win.  This would be somewhat ideal because weak ships will simply give up and these arent worth that much material, and those larger and more expensive units, well they will fight and usually when they are like half torn and sinking, most of the material is gone anyway and if large ships are surrendering to you, well your fleet is probably strong already.

There could be also in-editor setting for certain units (or factions) that they will never give up. So for example Twin Guard units wouldnt ever give up because they are robots, or SD because Neter locals would scavenge their tech.

But since removing avatars isnt the best idea, i would propose to force hearstones on difficulties harder and up and add a new skill for the avatar called "Life Support" which extends the time the avatar can operate away from heartstone. Also remove the instant death from explosions (some damage resitance towards explosives) and add some penalty to dying to prevent suicidal runs. Like even a basic respawn timer will even it out slightly. Also increase Avatars HP to prevent cheap instant deaths.  Also remove that annoying oily screen.

One thing i was thinking about too is if you could simply remove heartstones altogether and have the life support as a default ability of all your vessels so you can jump on any of yours vehicle to refil your life support. This would be an aura around the ship so you dont need to be directly standing on the ship, just be in in its vicinity. So if you would create a ramming ship, you could still ram in to a vehicle and be fine on board of the enemy vessel because you are still in the aura of your ship. So boarding is similar to what it is now, but requires more preparation and actual boarding vessels instead of just jumping overboard and chasing ships around with rambot.

>i would simply ask you to remove avatars altogether

I would do the same. In the designer and grand campaign alike I have found the avatar to be exclusively a distraction at best and a hindrance the rest of the time. I'd much rather have the option to just remove or disable the avatar completely. In adventure or story modes it makes more sense, but that content feels pretty secondary after the main campiegn.

Nick, the proposed changes... I love the idea of removing garrisons, to replace them with roaming fleets and world activity. One thing I did really like in the old campaign are some of the scripted locations. The DWG airship factory that launches a craft when you arrive is absolutely one of my favorite moments in the game. I like facing the Prowler in the narrow strait between the two islands. I hope these kind of memorable thematic battles don't get lost in the new system.

Receiving points for defeating larger/tougher enemies sounds good, but the details of how it's spent sounds over complicated. I'm kinda "meh" on it until I see more.

Better diplomacy, sure, yes please.

But other than that, the system as suggested sounds too gamey - normally we have to move forces conventionally, and all of a sudden factions that live on the other end of the planet can just teleport in? And I can earn such magical interventions just by fighting battles on uneven terms - is the narrative behind that that the factions are impressed? Will they also be impressed if I do it for the 100th time?

Intuitively, I don't like it.

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