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Parachute Modules maybe?

I just had a cool idea, don't know whether anyone already mentioned it. A parachute module for missiles would be useful for aerial mines (anti airship/aircraft) and also good for keeping radar buoys and flares in the air for a while. It would add a bit more versatility to missiles maybe.

It's a very good idea.
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Sounds cool, I could see a balloon module that works like the ballast. Reverse depth charges!
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(2017-07-08, 08:25 PM)benzo711 Wrote: I really only agree with 4m being long enough because I'm lazy and I don't want to have to retrofit everything


Yea, this would be really cool. If we had parachutes it would be cool to have a really bright flare option too, so you could actually make parachute flares that would be useful at night. Would probably need acb options for detecting the day\night cycle too.

I like it a lot. More balanced than balloon missiles too, since it will still slowly sink.

Would be interesting. Note that if you want a similar effect now, a variable thruster at its lowest setting will keep a missile near-stationary--it is not enough thrust to move the missile far itself, but having an active thruster exempts a missile from gravity.
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