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problems with main battery

as said above i have a problem with the main batteryturrets of my newst cruiser

these are 289mm trippletrailguns with a 6.4 sec reload

the performace is just okay

but they are way to flimsy/fragile considert that

the head is nearly completly made of HA
the lower turet armor is 1 meter HA
and each gun is seperatet from the others within the turret with 1merter HA

still is the turet itself is struck it likely that all guns die
(even if there is no visible damage on the head or penetration around the lowerturret armor)

i think the explosins are clipping throught somewhere (i cant find where) or the shell itself is clipping in the turret
(current dev)

turred head mod needed

removed some stuff otherwise to large for upload the mainbatteryturrets are all the same

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.blueprint   Cruiser Type 01 MK I proto forum.blueprint (Size: 995.33 KB / Downloads: 8)
like's strange music Tongue

When first reading the topic was thinking Battery as in the electrical not a weapons battery. Yes I have seen some explosions still kill stuff on the inside but I see it more often with frag rounds then explosives. Do you have any ammo clips in the top of the turret? If frags go in and set them off could cause the damage your describing.

I build mostly Jets not turrets so I get used to weird clipping explosions and frags that leave hollow planes flying around.

all clips are below deck

i'm using APHE shells for shelling the turret

and stored in the turretclips are the same shells

no frag or emp warhead
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um could you try a test? Build similar shell on a turret and put explosive armor on inside and shoot it, and frags.

Then run same test on a shell Not on a turret. See if there is a difference. I have things on Pistons and spinners that do not block explosive damage as they should and I think its a glitch but have not the time to run the tests myself.

test already it seams only if the lower reagion of the turrethead is hit the clips go boom

problem is that each "magazine"(2autoloader each 2 clips) is seperatet by 1meter HA

most of the Ha is after a turret explosion still there so i have no idea why all 3 guns die
like's strange music Tongue

(2018-08-09, 05:33 PM)khkpck Wrote: test already it seams only if the lower reagion of the turrethead is hit the clips go boom

problem is that each "magazine"(2autoloader each 2 clips) is seperatet by 1meter HA

most of the Ha is after a turret explosion still there so i have no idea why all 3 guns die

Going by what you have said, I think a possible issue you may be having is that a shockwave (HESH type shell) is hitting close to the gun and sending spalling damage through you deck/hull or Turret armor, causing it to explode.

In my experiance, there is no REAL way to gaurentee this wont happen, even with max sheilds, LAMS and armor a shot WILL get through eventually and kill the gun.

I'd suggest more armor and spaced armor to help prevent this.

My most recent build uses nothing but armor (spaced and spammed) and against the DWG, nothing really touches the main guns, (rear super structure gets a pasting at times) But I also use a decent amount of repair bots (I dont use shields or LAMS)

for a 200k ship, it can take a real beating, and even the scarier designs of the Lightening Hoods really struggle to put her down (In fact 1v1 she has won ALL her engaugments...with varing damage recived ofc)

i was fireing the guns, that struck the turret and i shot only APHE

and that one gun dies is okay but not that the entiere turret dies (3guns)
and the internal turret armor is still 99% there
like's strange music Tongue

I've taken a look at the ship.  Assuming this is the exact version you have tested with the first problem I see is that the guns do not appear to be sealed.  Yes, you have partition walls between clips, but there are open paths both from the surface into the interior of the cannon, and between the 'sections' for each gun/clip.  It has been a while since I tested blast walls, and when I did I was mostly looking for clipping through those walls.  IIRC, large enough explosions (such as those generated by your clips) have been able to leak around small corners for some time.  It is possible that you are suffering from the occasional shots clipping through solid walls bugs that remain (though i did read that that bug had been fixed, perhaps not totally?)  you will not be able to determine that until you seal each gun completely and then destroy one of the clips in a test.  I think what is mostly likely happening is That the explosion is leaking along the semi-circle that wraps around the rear of the turret, There are no blast walls here separating the magazines of the 3 guns in this area.  As shown below, the highlighted starboard gun is not separated from the un-highlighted rear gun, even by a blast wall

[Image: 4C953C45642F7195D19027143B249E0F55C67D1B]

Other potential issues:
-Your ammunition is not equipped with safety fusing, so your ejectors are ejecting live rounds into the turret Barbette: this is possibly defeating your blast walls

Suggested solutions:
-reconfigure your ammunition to include safety fusing
-Move to a clip-less design
-fully enclose each set of clips in steel or HA
-Do not bring forth an argument as fact that can be disproven with a 10 minute Google search.

i belive u are missing the turrethead mod with it the seal should be there

and yes i added the savetys defuse later on but would like if i could remove them

as i said afer an explosion 99% of the Ha walls are there

didnt metion that mod is needed in the first post my bad
like's strange music Tongue

you are correct, i lack the mod.  I figured the wood blocks were a system of spacers/guides.

However, I still think the issue is sealing.  Below are two more screenshots from a follow-on test.  as you can see from the exploded view I was able to detonate the clips of the starboard cannon without damaging the other two.  Based on this I have 2 additional theories
-The mod pieces you are using are not creating a seal
-The mod pieces you are using are still experiencing the explosion clipping bug.

[Image: D7BB3706CAB0C7A79A45250084DEECC38C389E57]

[Image: F78885DDD64E9A92041166A6FF40662F506755BA]
I also observed the following: the explosions generated in the clips actually follow the guage-snake into the turret, this was enough to blow off the alloy wing, and the rear section covering the rail-chargers, depending on how it appears with the mods, this could be another path which is bypassing your walls.  Alternately, direct hits that penetrate the turret may be following the guage snake down into the magazines.

do you have a picture of the turret as it looks on your system?
-Do not bring forth an argument as fact that can be disproven with a 10 minute Google search.

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