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[2.17] A ship in particular doesn't open fire at all

So I built a ship for a CC called the Mighnye. The problem lies in the fact the ship will simply not fire at an opponent with any of its weapons, except when I control them. I even spawn this ship on an enemy team and it doesn't fire. I encountered this problem before with a spincheeser plane called the Kitefighter where it wouldn't shoot with APS, but would do so with simple autocannons. Other people whom I sent the blueprints report that they had no problem and that the APS would fire. Furthermore, all the other ships can fire, but not the Mighnye.

Is it due to the fact almost all detection systems are on spinblocks or is it just the game being moody?

Or are some files deleted again... Actually maybe some files are deleted again: I tried to get BM Visual mod.
There are two rules of thumb in this world:
- These warheads are great! Explosive are my favourite! Nothing beats an explosive warhead.
- If explosives aren't enough, spam more explosive. At some point they will break open.

  1. LWC placement
  2. LWC<-->AI connection
  3. Weapon and turret's capability to aim at the target and reach it
  4. LWC's settings
  5. Detection accuracy (are guns aiming erratically)
This is all I can suggest without the blueprint

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