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The desecration of CnC license continues (CnC Rivals ?!)

Oh boy, one day i was asking... maybe we will get a new Command and Conquer ? Maybe EA learned ?

And this is was shown at EA E3


[Image: giphy.gif]

Not many game franchises can be molested and murdered three times i can tell you. The CNC Generals 2, the Tiberium Alliance and now this.

A fucking mobile game ?!

Do they keep releasing this out of touch games only so they can maintain their rights to the CNC name ? Are they trying to cash out on people who arent aware ?

Real fans wont forget, the trailer is overwhelmingly disliked and the internet is furious about it.

EA? Learn from their mistakes? Nonsense. Just keep releasing shiny things and people will buy them, no need for actual good gameplay. Though, they won’t even be able to make it shiny given its a mobile game, so it won’t even have that going for it.


After watching the trailer:

Of course, like true mobile fashion, the vast majority of this trailer doesn’t actually show anything that even remotely looks like the game. There’s like, maybe, five seconds of the actual game in that trailer. Those five seconds don’t even showcase anything about the game. I have a feeling those five seconds show off the best portion of the game as well. Even they are too ashamed of this thing to actually show it.

I think they may actually butcher the CnC franchise worse with this than they did with Tiberium Twilight. That’s actually impressive, given how much of an absolute unholy abomination that thing was. Well done EA, you actually topped your own titanic failure, I didn’t think that could be done. Well, you need to achieve something I suppose.

I bet this heretical abomination doesn’t even have any CnC-like gameplay. This horrific atrocity needs to die. Kill it with fire. I would say before it lays eggs, but I don’t think it’s intelligent enough to reproduce.


I wonder why they think that getting into mobile games is a good idea. The only thing they’re good at is making things shiny, and mobile games certainly can’t handle that. Maybe they’re hoping that demographic hasn’t heard about their previous failures in regards to this franchise, which might allow then to get a few more sales.

Though, given the quality of most mobile games I’ve seen, EA’s stuff would fit right in.

TL;DR: Drowning EA in an avalanche of salt

Edit: The hell did I do to that second line? Those weren’t there when I typed this out.

The original C&C was one of my all time favourite games. They may have slapped the franchise name on it but command and conquer died a long time ago.

Yeah... once EA hold it... all the original way were trash... when I see the CnC Rival... urggghh... im facepalmed.

I saw this, and I think people are rightfully angry. This is not just a desecration of C&C but RTS genre in general.
[Image: Screenshot_2017-03-12_12.08.10.png]

I'm gonna cuddle you meow :3

If you guys want to talk about desecrating the RTS genera, try Dawn Of War Three. Now THAT was a disaster. It's a shame too. If they had just made DoW 1 remastered, people would have loved it, it would have been less effort, and they'd make more money.
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Khaz is right C&C died a long time ago, when the original creators jumped ship thanks to EA's mismanagement of the property. They formed Petroglyph Games which make simple RTS titles that play a lot like C&C. If you're looking for more C&C like games keep an eye on them.

I've been play their latest game, Forged Battalion. An RTS where to can customize your army. You pick equipment for your units, bonuses, and your super weapon. It's still in early access and it's far from perfect, but I found it quite enjoyable. It's also the only other game I've play recently, the other being Into The Breach, where I felt like I was actually using planning and strategy to win.

What about *gags* Supreme Commander 2?
They took out everything which made the first special, and different.
"To broaden the player circle" they made it alightweight sh1t - and we still play the first part.

Luckily Nomansky made people pretty immune to marketing. Big Grin
From the Depths english playlist starts here, before that it's hungarian:

[Image: 6yFiDvF.jpg]

I saw the ridiculous shoutcasted game. It looked nothing like C&C, save for the Nod Scorpion Tank. I can't believe they were serious to shoutcast a crappy clone of Clash Royale as if it were a real RTS.

I actually like Supreme Commander 2, (Although the ACU rushes are super annoying). I never played Supreme commander 1 or forged alliance though so I don't know if it's better by comparison.
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