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Should the Naval AI be simpler?

I've been driven over the edge. Trying my best to make a craft constantly broadside is such a pain, as is getting a ship to head straight to the target!

As such, I've came up with an idea for a simpler naval AI:
  • The AI has a selection of; Broadside, Attack and Retreat, or Ram.
  • Broadside allows the selection of a fixed broadside distance. The craft will try its best to keep this distance. A second slider could select the maximum angle for correction, allowing a semi-broadside or straight on sail until the broadside distance is met.
  • Attack and Retreat is very simple. Attack distance is the distance at which the craft turns straight towards the enemy. Retreat distance is the distance from the enemy at which the craft retreats.
  • Ram needs no explanation or sliders. Your ship will simply head straight towards the selected target.

That is actually making it more complicated... what needs changing is it to actually obey the order you give it, so it won't sail directly at it's target ( or directly away ) if you give it an angle that should make it broadside. It's surely not actually meant to do that :p

Also, I don't want a fixed broadside distance, I want my ship weaving.
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Terrain avoidance, and possibly friendly avoidance are also needed. I typically get the naval AI to work, particularly for thrustercraft. Naval AI works good for fast, fast-turning things.
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