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Proof of concept: Detection with only laser rangefinders.

Specifically, laser rangefinders on spinblocks with a respectable spin speed. Even gimbal tracker detection equipment can make initial detections on ships within 10 degrees of their faced direction. Place the structure wherever you wish, on land or in water, and watch.

This also works, sometimes, with a gimbal tracker on a two-axis turret, if automatic detection or other detection with an inadequate bearing accuracy is enough to, by chance, get the turret pointed in close enough to lock on. This would also work with a one-axis turret when trying to target another vehicle on the same plane as that which the turret rotates through, most notably, in the case of two surface ships or land vehicles. The two-axis version was demonstrated.

While this should work with any gimbal tracker, I used laser rangefinders as they're the most versatile.

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.blueprint   Laser Rangefinder Active Search.blueprint (Size: 49.54 KB / Downloads: 38)

In-depth experiment with game mechanics!
Wonderful, and thanks. (Y)
From the Depths english playlist starts here, before that it's hungarian:

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