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FSM Vector Mk-II

After a long hiatus, I decided to ease myself back into the game by reworking one of my older designs. This was my first thrustercraft, and I built when I played through the adventure mode; and it was good back then, before the changes to shields and sabot rounds (Yea, it used sabot spam, and it was good!). But now, after said changes, it sucked bad.

So I gutted the inside and tried to leave the exterior as untouched as possible, making only minor changes to facilitate better evasion and handling plus minor aesthetics changes.

In my testing, it was able to 1v1 godly designs from DWG, OW, and WF but had issues with factions above those on it's own. There are still some minor tweaks I want to make, but obviously the more eyes the better, so have at her! Let me know what you think and what I need to improve, thanks!

So, anyway, here she is.

[Image: K2XO65yl.jpg]

She's powered completely by steam turbines and RTGs (RTGs for cruising power) and uses draba's hover LUA script


Cost: 187,097
Blocks: 5402
Volume: 9784
Dimensions: 55x39x19
Material Storage: 115,500
Battery Storage: 878,000
Top Speed: 40 m/s under AI control, 50 m/s under manual control (thrust balance issues...will try and fix this soon)


2-400mm 20 RPM rail assisted advanced cannons firing 6m HEAT/Frag rounds at 620 m/s with 0.092* accuracy
10-7m 3xEMP agile AA IR missiles
10-8m 3xFrag 3xHE radar missiles
10-9m 6xFrag radar missiles
3-11m 3xHE 3xEMP 2xFrag radar missiles
10-5m 3xHE Torpedoes


-Layered strength 5 shields covering the front profile
-Smoke dispensers
-Flare/Radar buoy launchers
-8k DPS 3-Q LAMS

WEAKNESSES/KNOWN ISSUES can't detect them. I need to fix this, and I will
-Can be overwhelmed with large vollies of fire it can't evade
-Insufficient smoke to combat heavy laser assaults, but shields can always be changed to laser absorb with an ACB on the bridge if need be
-Detection isn't ideal
-LAMS/Warners still need to be improved a bit


[Image: y1rPq8zl.jpg]
[Image: pNGTTqwl.jpg]
[Image: HHiRJTel.jpg]

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.blueprint   Vector Mk-II.blueprint (Size: 295.91 KB / Downloads: 18)

Nice looking aircraft you have there. I'll be sure to give it a try. If you want I can give feedback on how well it does.
My BP thread!
How to win neter. Step 1: Get that godly battleship to spawn inside a mountain. Step 2: Steal it.
I reply to people way too much.

Thanks and yes, that'd be awesome

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