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Faction Names

(2016-04-09, 03:53 AM)Hikari Wrote:
(2016-04-09, 03:41 AM)Clusterduck Wrote: Faction A: Sierra & Nevada (Mountain Range in U.S.).

Isn't it just called Sierra Nevada? without the &

It is, I just wanted to sound like a joint corp.
Saraba Chikyuu Yo, Tabida-tsu fune wa~ Uchuu Senkan, Ya-ma-to!
(Translation: Farewell, Earth, the ship that is departing is the Space Battleship Yamato)

(2016-04-09, 04:00 AM)BaronBaconeer Wrote: Honestly I like some of the names that TwilightOtaku brewed up. Fancy enough without having to use made-up words. Omega Frontier Division, Argus Corporation and Twilight R&D are my favourites.

I watch a a lot of sci-fi animes like Gundam so there was a couple of names brewing in my head that I had to list

(2016-04-09, 01:15 PM)earendel Wrote:
(2016-04-08, 08:14 PM)Hikari Wrote: Faction A: Broke Back Miners xD


Twilight R&D is good

heh I wanted a Twilight name faction cause I thought it'll be cool to see a faction that is inspire by me or the name itself in the game. Twilight is Cool Tongue


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