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Heavy and normal barrels - [MrG] Smarts - 2018-12-05

CRAM cannon heavy and normal barrels both cost the same, that's a bit stupid don't you think because it's a no brainer to go for the heavy ones lol, i think the price is good for the heavy ones but the normal barrels should be cheaper I feel.

RE: Heavy and normal barrels - PualWall - 2018-12-05

I mean I'd probably hold off on calling any design choices "a bit stupid" if you don't understand why you might not want a long heavy barrel on your boat or airship

RE: Heavy and normal barrels - BioPhoenix - 2018-12-07

They're not more expensive because they make the already very long traverse time of a CRAM cannon even longer, I believe. While this does nothing to ball or gimbal CRAM turrets, for most normal CRAM turrets it can be pretty crippling to make it all heavy.