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My issue with Areal AI - ItsSander - 2018-12-02

I recently picked up the game again and decided to make a simple starter bomber. Then I remembered why I stopped making planes (or bombers atleast). Besides taking 2 days to balance the thing so it doesn't go up to 400+ meters regardless of changes I make, the Areal AI makes this bomber miss its target by over 300 meters, recalculating its path and happens to go close to the target (although, the only reason why that happens is because I kept on changing the yaw potential, since the AI doesn't do it right). It does not stop turning until it turned atleast 10 degrees further then it needed to go. I changed the amount of yaw control, used thrusters, ACB's, turned off tracking and kept on changing settings in the AI card to make it better. It does not work. I am tempted to see if I can rewrite the complete areal AI (or yaw control) via a LUA script so it's not drunk anymore, if I have the time for it.

Is this a known issue or an issue with the craft? From what I have noticed from pretty much my whole time building aircrafts, the Areal AI seems to be kinda bad (or drunk) in general, overshooting literately every destination.

I've included the craft as a blueprint. If anyone could check if this is an issue of this craft or the AI in general, that would be great.

RE: My issue with Areal AI - Skyer - 2018-12-03

Yes the aerial AI is drunk, but as far as i know Nick is working on an AI overhaul right now.
And for bombers flying that high you should use guided bombs, sinnce they glide partially they can go quite if missed.
You could also try PIDs and there us a aerial lua ai already somewhere

RE: My issue with Areal AI - harnas1977 - 2018-12-03

The issue is with every AI (Naval/Land/Air) as it is trying to predict the path of a craft and often fails to do it right. Air AI is especially poor as it needs to take care of more parameters in comparison to its counterparts.

I often build for a competition where precise and predictable behaviour is a must due to specific imposed boundaries (min/max altitude, distance etc.). In case of planes I usually rely on either hybrid Naval AI + ACB control or just go purely ACB. After last patch it is possible to use target parameters such as bearing to make an action, which enable extra ACB tricks.

I've attached two examples of hybrid (fighter wing) and pure ACB (long range anti ship) planes - perhaps this could help you out.