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Collision Avoidance - Twogs - 2018-11-09

So apparently the AI is just fond of ramming itself into other ships, especially the allied ones.
Every drone I ever used will sooner or later crash into another drone or the mothership.

Is there any known way to fix that?
Or will the AI rework fix it soon™?

RE: Collision Avoidance - Skyer - 2018-11-09

I think the Ai rework is supposed to fix it.
one way for drones is to have the altitude of every drone be different by 10-50m
and if you don't mind you can use LUA there is some nice Aerial 'AI' LUA's but personally I never used LUA after 1300hours because I'm not fond of LUA

RE: Collision Avoidance - nobake - 2018-11-10

I really hope the AI update fixes it.

In the meantime, the best way is to do your best to configure them so that they won't path to the same place via different altitude or range settings.

You could also try an ACB setup using "Object detected within X meters" to attempt to avoid things by turning or reversing. I have not personally tried this, and reports I've seen other people trying it have had mixed results. So very much a "YMMV" sort of thing, but it could be worth a shot.

RE: Collision Avoidance - BKCXb7 - 2018-11-10

drones and mother ships are fixed like Skyer said.........

test your drones and note the altitude changes in them, say its 24m variance and you want them all to stay above 50m , set the first one at 62m, save it as "drone 1" , set another one at 86m save it as "drone 2", set the last one at 110m save it as "drone 3" keep them away from the mothership , use different engagement ranges..............mothership stays at range shelling the target while the drones get in close to bomb the target...........

ships can be controlled with a few ACBs...................put ships that are going to be fighting near eachother into fleets, set up where you want them to stay in relation to eachother ...........keeping them in fleetmove they will always try to stay in that formation and go where you tell combat mode they do what they want and are oblivious to eachother.................but you can move them independent of eachother ...............I have eliminated most of my ships collisions with eachother by setting them in a wide formation pattern out of combat and switching them to combat mode during combat......................if you don't want to constantly swiitch modes or forget alot set an ACB to if enemy is withing 5000m set Ai to combat mode, and another one to if no enemy is within 5000m set Ai to fleetmove.........................should stop a the bulk of the collisions.........