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Light Ground Vehicle Design? - Jumbocar - 2018-11-04

How do I go about making a light ground vehicle? I've tried several times to make small light vehicles but they usually end up bouncing around or accidentally flipping themselves. Should I try to use lead to make them a bit heavier? mess with the suspension? any help would be great!

RE: Light Ground Vehicle Design? - afjklol - 2018-11-11

I have the same problem. That's why I pretty much gave up on playing FtD for awhile. Anything that I have that is smaller than 20x7m just bounce around in varying degrees of annoyance no matter what the suspension setting is. At low settings, the vehicle lean back and forth when moving. Too high and it just bounces. I have yet to find any setting in between. Probably doesn't even exist. I absolutely hate the suspension update, its like its tailored to giant land battleships only. It also have done nothing for me, since FtD guns are perfectly stabilized anyways, rocky movement isn't even a big deal.