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problems with main battery - khkpck - 2018-08-09

as said above i have a problem with the main batteryturrets of my newst cruiser

these are 289mm trippletrailguns with a 6.4 sec reload

the performace is just okay

but they are way to flimsy/fragile considert that

the head is nearly completly made of HA
the lower turet armor is 1 meter HA
and each gun is seperatet from the others within the turret with 1merter HA

still is the turet itself is struck it likely that all guns die
(even if there is no visible damage on the head or penetration around the lowerturret armor)

i think the explosins are clipping throught somewhere (i cant find where) or the shell itself is clipping in the turret
(current dev)

turred head mod needed

removed some stuff otherwise to large for upload the mainbatteryturrets are all the same

RE: problems with main battery - Soulcharger - 2018-08-09

When first reading the topic was thinking Battery as in the electrical not a weapons battery. Yes I have seen some explosions still kill stuff on the inside but I see it more often with frag rounds then explosives. Do you have any ammo clips in the top of the turret? If frags go in and set them off could cause the damage your describing.

I build mostly Jets not turrets so I get used to weird clipping explosions and frags that leave hollow planes flying around.

RE: problems with main battery - khkpck - 2018-08-09

all clips are below deck

i'm using APHE shells for shelling the turret

and stored in the turretclips are the same shells

no frag or emp warhead

RE: problems with main battery - Soulcharger - 2018-08-09

um could you try a test? Build similar shell on a turret and put explosive armor on inside and shoot it, and frags.

Then run same test on a shell Not on a turret. See if there is a difference. I have things on Pistons and spinners that do not block explosive damage as they should and I think its a glitch but have not the time to run the tests myself.

RE: problems with main battery - khkpck - 2018-08-09

test already it seams only if the lower reagion of the turrethead is hit the clips go boom

problem is that each "magazine"(2autoloader each 2 clips) is seperatet by 1meter HA

most of the Ha is after a turret explosion still there so i have no idea why all 3 guns die