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holo projektor - khkpck - 2018-08-06

can someone tell me how this thing works?

it only displays a grey surface

i would like it to dispaly the wood/metal/ect surface is that posible?

RE: holo projektor - Gladyon - 2018-08-06

In fact, it is a poster holder which projects the image as a shield projector projects a shield.
You can replace the grey by an image, and configure its position and size as you wish.

RE: holo projektor - khkpck - 2018-08-06

yeah so far so clear

so there is nor way to display base textures of the game?

thats sad would be a need "future"

so i could creat complex shapes without turret clipping( that can make trouble on large scale builds Tongue )

RE: holo projektor - Gladyon - 2018-08-07

It's been designed to display a logo or some text on the hull.
But it can have other uses, such as hiding things, a RTS spinning unit indicator, a HUD, etc.