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Solid Fuel Thrusters - Fuzzah - 2018-02-13

Quick, rapid acceleration with a compact size, with the cost of a massive fuel cost per second. This is the sort of thing you go to space with. Also for quick maneuvers of say, a jet fighter.

Comes in three sizes.. small, for vehicle boosters, medium and large for.. other things.

I've been craving more maneuverability options for a while so I hope this gets modded/added some day! Big Grin

I should add, also, the medium booster could act as a balancer between the two - sacrificing speed for more fuel efficiency. Also, each booster should have different mouth parts for fitting into ships neatly.

RE: Solid Fuel Thrusters - Fernir - 2018-02-14

For me it looks like slightly simplified Advanced Jet Engines, SRB if they are implemented should be single use/long regeneration between activation, no dynamic control over thrust and they should be dirt cheap to build and cheap to run, but harder to use for their lack of fine control and inability to turn them off once lit

RE: Solid Fuel Thrusters - Fuzzah - 2018-03-07

Bump. This is a good idea pls

RE: Solid Fuel Thrusters - Skyer - 2018-03-07

With the Missile rework that should come at some point

RE: Solid Fuel Thrusters - Richard Dastardly - 2018-03-13

What would they add over variable thrusters? you can already set the thrust/burn time. Unless you want a single-module thruster, and I'm not sure how I feel about that. Without using Lua you can't turn a rocket motor off without ditching the missil ein the water anyway.