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Does anyone actually care about these? - MizarLuke - 2018-01-24

Does anyone actually care about these? I'm asking because it is quite a bit of work to put them together, and few people go to this section of the forums, and even less comment. YT vids are seen by people outside of the forums, and are typically more easy to follow and look better. The poll is for these campaign threads in general, not mine.

I'm considering starting a thread here of my main campaign, in which I'm fighting everyone at once, before I even take out a single DWG square. I did it to give value to turtling and to make it so I am not always fighting strength 150 squares, by having reinforcing fleets sent to me, rather than building up squares. I will use an emphasis on capturing and converting, and be on regular-hard design difficulty, and high enemy growth. I didn't make a thread here when I started it, since it is annoying to post all the screenshots and descriptions and because it seems under-appreciated. If you guys want to see me start updating my campaign progress here, then say so in a comment. If you want me to start fresh, then I'll consider it and see how reasonable it would be.

RE: Does anyone actually care about these? - Skyer - 2018-01-24

Since I just browse this [Image: e7tC7l2.png]

I don't really care where post are posted I will notice it Big Grin

RE: Does anyone actually care about these? - GerJS - 2018-01-24

Regarding the poll,
I find that the campaign threads have their value.
It may be easy to record a video nowadays but still hard to produce one that is enjoyable to watch. (At least by my picky standards)
Also the nature of the progress thread encourages briefness and selectivity of shown content what leads to quality over unnecessary mumbling and rambling.
It takes time, yes. I myself had an active adventure-thread (which might return in half a year because then I have the time again) for which every update took something like 1 1/2 to 2 hours including selecting the best screenshots, cropping them, uploading them, thinking of decent text and overview formating etc.
But looking back, it was worth it and decent Video footage would have been more work and in view of my trouble with spoken language... yeah, wouldn't have worked.

So,...yes, I care (especially about the adventure threads) and often I read MegaHelmets adventures again or BioPhoenixs Blackpowder campaign because these inspire me.

Regarding your campaign:
If you want both worlds, do both. Still, your concept sounds like one that would profit much of moving visualization. So a YT-video would probably be best and enough people that are less picky than me would watch it and provide interactivity.
If you have screenshots from the beginning of your campaign, you could post it in a thread here and then transistion to videos. It's always nice to see a beginning (imo).

RE: Does anyone actually care about these? - Mr.YaR - 2018-01-25

(2018-01-24, 08:36 PM)Skyer Wrote: Since I just browse this [Image: e7tC7l2.png]

Maybe lacks the answer "void" ?
I'd like to press the vote option without spoiling the results for exemple =)

RE: Does anyone actually care about these? - MizarLuke - 2018-01-25

I have little interest in doing YT, too much work, and I would prefer not to speak where the world can hear my voice.

RE: Does anyone actually care about these? - Normal69 - 2018-01-25

You don't need your voice, just not-so-hard work.
Do like MonkLizard does:

if you like to write a good story up, then why not?

But! Thanx for the info, I'll try it here.

RE: Does anyone actually care about these? - Richard Dastardly - 2018-01-31

Editing is more work than talking, with video - keeping up a whole series is a big investment of effort unless you literally stream it all.

RE: Does anyone actually care about these? - Monklizard - 2018-01-31

I would like to see ya make the story of ya faction instead of showing off ya vehicles performance. If ya do like me and other Japanese communities in Niconico FTD I recently watched. With that. I got my interest to watch ya videos.