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"Spaceship" Voting - majyst - 2017-11-12

This time I received 10 designs in total. Some really Impressive stuff here.

Decided to just keep all 10 and put them all up for Votes.

The 10
Alioth by Kaonicping
ERNS_Donnager by Neekap
Interplanetary mortar by cheveyo877
Menelaus by Obnosis
POD by Bucklbill
RJ-05 by TheGaiaphage
Sentinel Cruiser by Ultrador
Starship - Cruiser - Constitution by Torquimedes
SW_Star_Dreadnaught_Executor By Mantis
T-52 Scout by thatotherguy

Voting will last 7 days, closing on November 20th
You can find more screenshots of Each design in the original submission thread.

Alioth by Kaonicping
+Really great Engine/ Jet is made up of mostly of Aesthetic parts instead of functional parts. Looks good
+Much of the design is on spin blocks to create interesting angles and overlapping parts.
+wonderful hull design with Minimal block count to achieve a great look
+Block for Block, has a great ratio of detail for its size.

[Image: KZJFk4g.jpg]
[Image: VV73aqS.jpg]
[Image: OY1hpSe.jpg]

ERNS_Donnager by Neekap
+Profile is very inspiring, Multiple levels and sections though-out the design, just amazing
+The 4 long spires off the back work really well and is a great standout feature of the design.
+Lots of detail parts on the hull look good, the 2 giant hatches on the top back are cool.
+Hanger bay with the little fighter is wonderful, Pulleys, Struts, Shelves, catwalks, and control room makes this section seem very well thought out and real.
+Cool, Alien like design
+many more great things on the design, but I don't want to go on and on about it.

[Image: cqpspeC.png]
[Image: fxL1dBR.jpg]
[Image: pjXpt7s.png]

Interplanetary mortar by cheveyo877
+A cheveyo specialty: Flying Death Spike
+Fold out fins are an interesting feature and look good when they come out.

-Design is mostly a functional build and it does that scary good, but lacks a lot of Aesthetics.
[Image: HIcJJxu.jpg]
[Image: em8HeXU.jpg]
[Image: 8KKIziE.jpg]

Menelaus.blueprint by Obnosis
+Wow Factor
+3 separate yet very different and details Hangers, with 5 distinct kinds of fighters and I think 1 small cargo ship. These Hanger areas are amazing.
+Pipes, parts, conduits, Struts, Antennas, and other details cover the exterior and all of them look great and work well where they are.
+Asymmetric Design
+Feels like a Human based Spacecraft.
+Too many details and areas to mention here, Hull is alive.

[Image: IN0ONjT.jpg]

[Image: qS6xhUS.jpg]

[Image: smy12Pk.jpg]

Pod by Bucklebill
+Compact design, supposed to be a converted escape pod turned into a Nuke.
+Half the Hull is on Spin blocks so they rotate 45 degrees to form a more distinct egg like shape.

-Makes really bad Egg drop soup
[Image: unknown.png]
[Image: unknown.png]
[Image: unknown.png]

RJ-05 by TheGaiaphage
+Sloped sides are actually sheets held in place with Docking stations, Odd, but cool effect.
+Front sides has an interesting collection of Aesthetic Parts, most interesting are the red lights that go on and off in sequence.
+I like nice butts and I can not lie, this design has a nice one.
+All of the Thruster sections have a nice ring around them with a blue glow, pretty cool
+Very Much feels like modern Military but as a Spaceship. “Near” future design.

[Image: wwAJaq3.jpg]

[Image: uyUAcG2.jpg]

[Image: nWesQcp.jpg]

Sentinel Cruiser by Ultrador
+Blue “Circuitry” that runs on the sides and pretty much everywhere is stunning.
+Thruster Pods on the back have great shapes and details, the spinning turbines behind that front grill section is so great for something you can barely see. Attention to details right there.
+Really interesting Bridge, Multiples work areas makes it seem real.
+Walkable Interior with Large Hallways that are fully detailed with Curves, struts, windows, and machinery. Hallways have Doors that access highly details rooms like reactors rooms and Cargo Holds
+Design feels like a spaceship of some Cybernetic or Robotic Aliens. Not a purely Organic life form.
+Has legitimately awesome Landing gear that rotates out when the craft is close to the surface.

[Image: IZlcxEKh.jpg]
[Image: JAZLV5rh.jpg]
[Image: 7jCFdZPh.jpg]

Starship - Cruiser - Constitution by Torquimedes
+Star Trek FTW
+Glass Dome over the front of the nacelle is pretty cool
+Nice little Shuttle in the Shuttlebay
+Nice little bridge with Posters
+Simple but complete walkable Interior

-Captain Kirk not on board, very disappointed.
[Image: YO8HDZi.png]
[Image: c3xbCXs.png]
[Image: mkbNlBJ.png]

SW_Star_Dreadnaught_Executor By Mantis

=Its Big, 121k blocks
+Appears to be an accurate Hull with Good shaping.
-Unfinished design. Squared edges and no details.
-My computer exploded trying to load this.

[Image: 3788465683.png]
[Image: 0a04cf0a5b.png]
[Image: dc18085ce4.png]

T-52 Scout by thatotherguy
+Slick Angular/ Diamond design
+Nice conduits under the craft.
+Jets look great

[Image: 669af388cf.png]
[Image: d98b5e87c3.png]
[Image: c693e9688e.png]

RE: "Spaceship" Voting - Kaonicping - 2017-11-12

Probably shouldn't have voted for myself, oops... Angel

RE: "Spaceship" Voting - Torquimedes - 2017-11-12

I did not vote for myself. There are some cinema-quality ships here. I can only guess how many hundreds of hours of design, engineering and testing went into this contest.

RE: "Spaceship" Voting - Monklizard - 2017-11-13

(2017-11-12, 01:20 PM)Kaonicping Wrote: Probably shouldn't have voted for myself, oops... Angel

Ya already did it... >: D Now... time to see who's gonna vote themselves for his/her own design for the sake of winning XD

RE: "Spaceship" Voting - benzo711 - 2017-11-16

Balls. I should have made a Martian cylinder for this.

RE: "Spaceship" Voting - Eagle - 2017-11-16

Holy spaghetti Ultrador, that build is fanfriggintastic. Never have I walked through an FtD design in such amazement, it just looks and feels right, the detailing is excellent, the creativity displayed so awesome and overwhelming. The turbines, landing gear, the walkways, the machinery... Man... I only build fully walkable but I have just been pushed aside. Well done

RE: "Spaceship" Voting - Eagle - 2017-11-16

Lamb you Majyst for replacing certain words with food.

Edit: Uuuurrrrgh