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General infos + steam link - Carolus Magnus - 2017-07-16

Steam workshop link:
Imperium Age of Sail and Shot V2.0

General Infos

You will find this campaign does a few ever so slightly differently from neter, the obvious asides (we' ll get to that later).

first of all; You start out bang in the middle of the map. You are surrounded by a serious amount of factions who are suspicious at best and out for your blood at worst. HELP!
But at the start of the campaign, only the Manduelans will be coming for you. They have a small 1st wave fleet some way out of your start fortress, and a harder 2nd and large 3rd wave halfway across the world.
The first wave can be beaten with only your fortress and starting ship, but that will be quite hard without some upgrading. that said, you have plenty of time to build a ship of your own before the Inquisition arriv├ęs. After that, you are free to do as you wish! Note, that as soon as you defeat the starting faction, up to three others might decide to attack you. Keep some forces behind or reserve some material for bribing!

secondly; there are quite a few resource zones spread across the map; Fewer than neter all in all; but where these differ, is that they all are infinite. Albeit with a very low growth rate.

As such, every resource zone you capture will offer an infinite small addition to your income. Your starting resource zone has quite a better growth however. Use RTGs to power harvesting fortresses, as steam engines do not work out of play!

Thirdly; All the design are set at either godly or Expert difficulty, and at the start of the campaign to difficulty slider should be set to maximum! this is no representation of actual lethality - it just means you get some more XP out of the bargain. Set it to anything less than maximum, and you'll be spammed with the less-than-meazly "expert" designs all the time.

With the small stuff out of the way;
You will have noticed this is an age of sails campaign ... (you don't say!)
As such, most AI designs are broadsiding sailing ships if they aren' t pre-dreadnoughts or ironclads.
The campaign softly imposes a few limits as such:

-No missiles. Only the scantest few AI designs use kinetic missiles in a very sparing fashion. These are not available to the player.
-No Railguns. this goes without saying I imagine. They are not immersive and simply can't be balanced into the campaign decently without breaking things.
-No Aim point selection. Your ship will fire at the enemy in a way that targets random blocks, and not in a way that beelines straight to the ammo and ai's. Why? Cinematic quality and overall survivability. Fight will last somewhat longer, and your designs will need to be well protected over the whole line, not just ammo and AI's.
-No Lasers. Should go without saying (but you can have particle cannons, aka, lightning and magic rays Smile ). I am considering some Archimedes sun lenses for some designs, but I do not think lasers will ever become available for the player themselves. Lams are possible, and against faction like habsburg, quite useful.
-No internal combustion engines, only steam power. this also simulates fleet upkeep quite nicely.
-No Aerial AI' s (up for change with the sky faction)
-Automatic detection. The ai is broken without this. It is simply to ungainly to put sailing ships chock full of modern detection equipment, let stand giving each gun on a broadside it's own tracker. It's quite rediculous, and I feel the systems has not much to contribute here.

The reasons for most of these choices should be fairly obvious.
It should be noted that if you do not adhere to the theme moderately, this campaign will be naturally quite easy to hard-counter and beat. As such, it relies for a large part upon fair player conduct to work well. I do not expect this to be a big problem however. If you set about playing an age of sails custom campaign, I take it you do want to be playing an age of sails custom campaign of course. Smile

At the end of the day however, the campaign is not RTS, so anything goes. If you want to build monolithic turreted steampunk ironclads to roflstomp the sailing ships I won't (and can"t :p) stop you