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[Blackwater Foundry] New - Scorpion Heavy Interceptor - Shiroi_Okami - 2016-01-01

6/1//16 Forgot I had this so I'm necroing it to begin consolidating things properly.


The Blackwater Group is a mercenary-nation that develops and employs it's own military hardware to pursue both it's own interests abroad as well as those of clients. We also wholesale military hardware to clients we deem worthy. Out designs tend to lean toward heavy firepower and speed at the cost of armour. Browse through the catalogue below for our designs currently available for sale.

Also please bear in mind some of my designs have not yet been updated with detection as they are from before the detection patch. Some, like the Dirge, also don't function since something's been broken since last December and now. I'll update the BPs as I go back and fix each of the old designs up.


Gonna make this thread my own and compile the rest of my stuff into here over the next couple of days. But in the meantime, something new!

This is the Scythe, and probably my favourite creation to date. I love the way it turned out, and I love how insanely powerful it is (At least in my own testing). I'd love it if you guys could put it through its paces and tell me what you think!

I'm thinking of adding some more weaponry to it, but it's nearly 3am so I'm going to post it as is and sleeeeeeeeeeeep


With the success of the 'Sickle' Air Superiority Fighter, the Blackwater group has recently looked toward expanding its air forces. Between the Sickle, Comet and Sliver, it was realised that Blackwater forces lacked a true Heavy Fighter, that was equally well equipped to engage enemy air and ground/sea forces. In particular high command sought for a craft that was able to effectively destroy large thrustercraft and airships, as this was something the relatively lightly armed Sickle could not manage without support, and the 'Sliver' was more suited to a ground attack role.

Enter the Sickle's elder sibling, the Scythe. At 63m long and 51m wide the Scythe is a hefty aircraft, but it is one of the most heavily armed craft to ever take to the skies.

The craft features a multitude of weapon systems, including an array of 36 medium to long range HE/Frag missiles and two 6x54mm AA guns. But Blackwater is not a group to be satisfied with 'normal' aircraft armaments. Thus the Scythe features a rather unique primary weapon. An enormous fixed mount 6 barreled 150mm rotary cannon that fires high velocity sabot rounds in bursts at over 3000rpm. This cannon will literally vapourise any foe unfortunate enough to come within the weapon's disturbingly large field of fire. Armour matters not. Even shields cannot keep their vessels safe from the hail of destruction that this plane rains down upon its foes.

While the speed of the craft is relatively low at 200m/s, it is quite agile for its size and is exceptionally well defended, featuring a full metal hull, moderate shielding, smoke arrays, flare launchers, as well as two rear facing AA gatling guns for destroying any small fighters foolish enough to try and attack the Scythe from the rear.

As much of the hull is taken up by the internals of the primary cannon, the fuel reserves of the Scythe are rather low. It carries 200000 fuel, giving it a combat flight time of approximately 12-13 minutes.

This variant of the Scythe is the Scythe-G/F. Also on offer to select contractors is the Scythe-G/A, a variant the trades the high velocity armour piercing rounds of the main cannon for HEAT shieldbreakers, allowing the craft to obliterate battleships and shielded thrustercraft with unparalleled lethality.

Also in development is a third variant, the Scythe-S/F, which will forgo the 6x150mm cannon for an array of smaller guns to provide extensive AA coverage for attacking air fleets.


[Image: JknwcVO.jpg]
[Image: itQldfM.jpg]
[Image: N3bChOg.jpg]
[Image: 0zTztaW.jpg]

RE: [Blackwater Foundry] Catalogue - Newest Addition: 'Scythe' Heavy Fighter - magma8520 - 2016-01-01

It looks really familiar with my Zeinn-class Airship or Orion-class Bomber , huh...
But yours seems more effective in gun and running, im bad at guns haha.

RE: [Blackwater Foundry] Catalogue - Newest Addition: 'Scythe' Heavy Fighter - Pyrotech51 - 2016-01-01

It would appear that I have something to test the efficiency of My Javelin Interceptor on now Big Grin.

While it's not quite done yet, it is intended to hunt down fast aircraft (in particular ASFs and the like), so while this is likely to be an impossible battle, the amount of damage it does will be a good measure of efficiency.

And when I finally get around to finishing the 250m/s ish Vimana... That'll be an interesting fight Big Grin.

RE: [Blackwater Foundry] Catalogue - Newest Addition: 'Scythe' Heavy Fighter - Shiroi_Okami - 2016-01-02

(2016-01-01, 06:48 PM)magma8520 Wrote: It looks really familiar with my Zeinn-class Airship or Orion-class Bomber , huh...
But yours seems more effective in gun and running, im bad at guns haha.

I took a little bit of the design inspiration from the SS Fury, which also looks similar to the Zeinn. The Scythe managed to destroy the Zeinn, the Fury and the Orion in a single pass though Tongue

@ Pyro - The Javelin looks pretty beastly, I'll be keen to see how that fight goes!

Going to star compiling my old designs into this thread, starting with the Sickle, which I'm sure everyone has seen but here it is anyway:

As the competitors of the Blackwater Group have begun to focus their attentions on microfighters, field tests of current Blackwater designs against these fighters have been disappointing. The primarily missile based fighters currently employed by the Group often have great difficulty downing these new designs, even if the extreme speed of Blackwater's 'Comet' fighter renders it immune to counterattack.

Thus the Sickle was commissioned. It boasts a 6 barreled 30mm rotary cannon and three medium range multipurpose missiles, as raw firepower is always a valued design philosophy in the Blackwater Group. The cannon, with a rate of fire of approximately 1500rpm, it capable of tearing holes and sniping the ammo racks of any foe unfortunate enough to get in front of it. (Which is every foe, as the plane is quite agile). The Sickle also has a respectable top speed of 120ms, allowing it to engage and keep up with all but the fastest designs on the market. This new fighter has so far performed well in field tests, though the technicians at Blackwater are still trying to work out the kinks in the new LUA/PID systems used in the Sickle.

The Sickle is also quite resilient and capable of staying in the air with critical damage while repairing itself on the fly, making it a difficult adversary to completely destroy.

This plane uses Madwand's Advanced Aerial AI, and given it's tendency to fly into the water and then go into an unending cycle of going from submerged to space and back again without being able to do anything in between, I'm pretty sure my setting are wrong or the PID is messed up or something, I don't really know. Still trying to wrap my head around this as it's my first craft with LUA or PID. Any help with this stuff would be much appreciated.


RE: [Blackwater Foundry] Catalogue - Newest Addition: 'Scythe' Heavy Fighter - Shiroi_Okami - 2016-01-07

Just finished off my first ever submarine! Quite proud of it, though the internals are a bit of a mess and there is still a fair bit of empty space inside it, so if anyone has suggestions as to what to do with it I'm all ears. Put it through its paces and let me know how it goes! Feedback much appreciated!

Also it doesn't seem to be spawning with the repair bot in it, nomatter how many times I attach and save the Lamb thing. If anyone can explain why I'd be much obliged

With the war advancing across Neter on three fronts, through the course of many battles it became clear to the Blackwater Group that Blackwater's invasion fleets were lacking an efficient way of destroying submarines. This prompted high command to request a new submarine design from the Blackwater Foundry, one that could not only destroy opposing submarines with ease, but could also lay waste to surface ships and even aircraft while being very difficult to destroy.

The resulting Behemoth was named the 'Abyss' Attack Submarine, for from the abyss of the oceans she attacks, obliterating foes with 72 anti-ship cruise missiles, 12 anti-sub/ship torpedoes, 8 high velocity SAMs capable of bringing down even a Kamaitachi from under the water. Finally the Abyss possesses a rapid fire twin-linked 250mm cannon that fires supercavitating sabot rounds. These rounds are capable of punching enormous holes in the hulls of ships as well as outright sinking enemy submarines with a short barrage of armour piercing death.

Defensively the Abyss features extensive heavy shielding along the hull, as well as steel armour at least 2 metres thick. Additionally, the Abyss contains a self sustained repair bot designed to conduct emergency repairs much faster than standard repair bots allow. With a reasonable top speed of 18ms she is well equipped to run down and destroy enemy battleships and slower submarines from a cruising depth of 65m below the surface.

The Abyss is a sea monster that our enemies will soon come to fear, as the machine joins battlefields across Neter in the coming days.

114m long
31m wide
16m high

1x 2x 250mm ACC
72x 12 block lua guided anti-ship frag missiles
8x 7 block lua guided AA frag missiles
12x 11 block sonar guided frag torpedoes

Top speed - 17ms
6719 blocks


[Image: p7H04ch.jpg]
[Image: UyDJ5r8.jpg]
[Image: w8QFxcT.png]
[Image: GSrz7mB.png]

RE: [Blackwater Foundry] Catalogue - Newest Addition: 'Abyss' Attack Submarine - Shiroi_Okami - 2016-11-06

Necroing this thread to introduce our latest addition: The 'Talon' Point Defense Satellite

The Talon was designed in response to the ongoing need for automated remote area denial and sector defense. Capable of entering orbit from sea level under it's own power and maintaining altitude there, the Talon is an ever-watchful eye in the sky. Using RTGs as it's only power source means it is capable of maintaining operation indefinitely.

Equipped with several long range radar and optical sensors, the Talon is designed to target and engage any enemy entering it's zone of defence from orbit using a battery of four laser guided Frag/EMP cruise missiles. While it is fragile and more or less undefended, the Talon is extremely cheap at only 11k materials. This, coupled with it's ease of deployment means it is able to be deployed en masse to warzones, raining a hail of high powered cruise missiles on targets that are generally unable to fire back.

[Image: 79E4EXz.jpg]
[Image: x6d2Y7g.jpg]

Feedback is welcome!

RE: [Blackwater Foundry] Catalogue - Newest Addition: 'Talon' Defense Satellite - Shiroi_Okami - 2016-11-06

While Blackwater's Scythe Heavy Fighter has proven itself time and time again capable of bringing down almost any airborne target, the nature of it's AP-heavy loadout leads it to struggle with some of the more heavily shielded aircraft Blackwater's enemies have been fielding of late. Thus a new fighter was commissioned. This fighter would be designed to be smaller than the Scythe, but packing significant shield-penetrating firepower, to bring ruin to even the most heavily armoured and shielded airships and thrustercraft.

Thus the Shard was born.

Boasting a top speed of 95ms, the Shard is able to chase down all but the fastest of enemy craft.

The primary offensive power of the Shard comes from it's ventral-mounted Particle Accelerator Cannon, which delivers devastating vollies capable of punching through all but the toughest armour. It also features 10 medium range all purpose cruise missiles, and a dorsal missile turret with 4 high velocity anti-air missiles.

Defensively the Shard features Flares and light shielding around the craft as well as it's full metal hull.

Much of the interior is taken up by the engines required to power the craft, but even should one of the four engines be disabled, enough power is held in reserve to power the thrusters and shields, at the cost of damage output of the PAC.

[Image: IzxKUh1.jpg]
[Image: 5jMX3SV.jpg]
[Image: eYseiwY.jpg]

Known issues
- PAC sometimes shoots chunks off the plane
- need to add smoke launchers
- Missiles will fly into the ocean is an enemy is too far away (????)

This started out as a design that was to swat down ASFs and small fighters, but it turned out the PAC wasn't much good for that, but was really good for socking rounds through like 8m of metal, so I repurposed it to hunt larger prey. Pretty happy with it overall!

As usual, feedback is much appreciated!

RE: [Blackwater Foundry] Catalogue - Newest Addition: 'Talon' Defense Satellite - Shiroi_Okami - 2016-11-06

I really need to compile my designs into one thread, but until I can be bothered to do that, here is a micro-sub I threw together. Depth it's it's only defense and it explodes in a light breeze but it's 3 torps can inflict massive damage to surface and sub-surface vessels. Also I'm aware it has no detectors, I'm tossing up whether or not to put sonar on it as it doesn't appear to need it? The torps find their targets the same regardless

They work well in wolfpacks, or for lobbing torps from long range while other vessels distract enemy ships:

The Kathar is the latest submarine produced by the Engineers at Blackwater Foundry. A tadpole compared to the Abyss Attack Submarine, the Kathar is designed to be deployed cheaply and en masse, to harass enemy shipping lanes and fleets as silent wolves beneath the waves. Powered entirely by RTGs, the Kathar is silent and cold, which in addition to its small profile make it difficult to detect until it's massive torpedoes are already in the water.

Armament - 3x 10m HE Torpedoes
Top speed - 11ms
Operating depth - 50m

[Image: JoQsRmV.jpg]
[Image: LdHty8y.jpg]

RE: [Blackwater Foundry] Catalogue - Newest Addition: 'Talon' Defense Satellite - Shiroi_Okami - 2016-11-06

With the retirement of the Ruin battleship, Blackwater high command realised there was a need for a replacement in the ranks of the fleet. They commissioned the foundry to draw up designs for a battlecruiser. The result was much larger than originally intended, but is truly a monster on the battlefield, and will serve as the Group's seafaring flagship with deadly grace.

Featuring four quad 500mm cannon batteries as her primary armament, the Schism is capable of obliterating all but the hardest of targets within the first few vollies. Supplementing this firepower, the battlecruiser features two 2000mm CRAM cannons, three 6x150mm 1000rpm all purpose gatling cannons, a 3x225mm heavy gatling flak, and five 6x54mm AA guns on ball turrets.

But the ability to rain hot steel on foes is not the only armament the Schism boasts. She also has 20 high velocity anti-air missiles, two batteries of cruise missiles, and ten long range torpedo launchers.


So this is by far the biggest ship I've ever built. She's massive. Haven't done a whole lot of testing yet but the only ship I've seen on the forums recently in a similar weight class is Kpatrol's delphin, which the Schism can destroy quite easily (Though this is against the Mk4, not the Mk5 as I haven't tried that yet). As far as the factions of neter goes everything I've thrown at it gets utterly annihilated by this thing. Tell me what you think!




4 quad 500mm turrets
3 6x150mm 1000rpm super gatlings
5 6x54mm AA guns on ball turrets
1 3x225mm flak artillery
2 2000mm CRAM cannons
20 HVAA missiles
76 cruise missiles
10 torps

Metric shitload of strength 7-10 shields
2-4 metres of armour
2 separate LAMS systems
Internal repair subvehicle
Designed so that the detonation of ammo/magazines theoretically should not destroy anything vital.

All powered by more Irelan Redline engines than I can be bothered to count, putting out a total of 304000 power (¬64 redlines if my math is right)

Top speed is a respectable 11ms

Known issues:
It flips over when sitting still. Not too sure why it does this as the CoM should be low enough for it to be stable. Have tried a few methods of stabilising it but they don't seem to work. It's completely fine while on the move though, even after taking significant damage. I think PID could probably solve it but I have no idea how to do so, if someone could help me out I'd be much obliged

The oil refinery periodically explodes. I have no idea why this happens. Despite 4 flare stacks per refinery the gases still build up quickly and make it go off every now and then

I still need to add smoke deployers and add surge protectors

The AA ball turrets sometimes get stuck

Have it at fellas, let me know what you think and where I can improve!

[Image: zKe7fVx.jpg]

RE: [Blackwater Foundry] Catalogue - Newest Addition: 'Talon' Defense Satellite - Shiroi_Okami - 2016-11-06

With most of Blackwater's construction and engineering resources devoted to expanding the navy, the air force had found itself mostly neglected. Only two planes are currently mass produced for combat; the 'Spark' ultralight fighter (Affectionately called the Flying Frag Grenade by its pilots) and the 'Comet' Interceptor. These designs have seen extensive combat against everything from Deepwater guard to the Lightning Hoods, and have proven themselves time and time again, especially the Comet, which in squads has been known to bring down even the toughest of prey with its long range missiles while evading counterfire with its incredible speed.

Thus the need for a more heavily armed fighter was realised, one that was almost as effective as the Comet at annihilating light aircraft but could also bring down larger prey with more rapidity than the Comet was capable of.

Thus the Sliver was born. Designed to be cheaply mass produced alongside the 50k RP Comet, the Sliver, at 200k, is easily constructable and deployable from forward bases with limited resources.

While significantly slower than the Comet, topping out at 90ms, the Sliver is very heavily armed for its size, featuring a twin 90mm cannon on a chin mounted turret and four 'stalker' and four 'ambush' AMRAASM missiles. It is also constructed completely from steel, making the frame extremely resilient to damage, while the design of the superstructure allows the plane to take extraordinary amounts of damage and keep flying.

Able to effectively engage both air and sea targets at short to medium range, the Sliver is an extremely deadly adversary and should not be taken lightly.

Defensively the Sliver is equipped with flare launchers as well as extensive shielding.

The first Slivers will hit the battlefield within the week, and woe betide the foe that crosses the new squadrons.


45m long
41m wingspan

90m/s top speed

2x 90mm APDS cannons
4x 'Stalker' IR missiles
4x 'Ambush' IR missiles

Defense systems
4x Flare launcher
9x Shields
Smoke (to be added)

I'm pretty happy with how this turned out, I just wish it was a bit faster, as AP projectiles can hit it more than I'd like, even with the shields. I can make it go a fair bit faster but adding jets to the wings but it looks retarded so I've left it for now. Feedback much appreciated!


[Image: ujsWy0q.jpg]
[Image: bzOuvw2.jpg]
[Image: hg8bNbU.jpg]