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Exclamation Assessment of shield rework in FTD
Posted by: Maty83Cz - 7 hours ago - Forum: General discussion - Replies (2)

So. I returned to FTD for a bit and sadly I am forced to say, I am disappointed in the shield rework going through as planned. Why? There is absolutely no reason for it to be as is currently. What is the issue with them as it stands? Let me point it out.
First of all, I will point out what seems like a very large problem for me: The mechanic got changed and the required power stayed the same. Riiight. Nobody looked over how much power you need for it.

Why do I say it? Let us assume a typical player ship (As per the designs of several of my friends.) A roughly 400ppf engine powering a SINGLE 25x25 shield at 5m distance. 375 fuel/minute. Just assume the 1RP=10 fuel. And this goes higher the further the shield is.... Increase with fuel reload
Not only do you need more projectors as compared with the Ring shields, but they have to be distributed unless you figured out some way of running an antimatter generator on your ship. Without that they will generally be far less protected. And with their cost of 200RP/shield, this is concerning

Even with their stacking limitations removed, they are relatively difficult to place compared to other systems. No 0.1m slits to get another shield through, but figuring an angle which to use for them being at least somewhat useful is still difficult, especially if you want to conserve power. Or not have that one slope jut out of the shield. Plus, even for a cube of 50x50x50 blocks, you'd need what? 24 shields at the very least. And many more if you want something better than 20% bounce at a flat angle. 4800 RP, plus 9k fuel/minute and the engine to run all that

This brings us onto another point: The advertised damage reduction. Why is this such a big deal? Draba likes to quote the magical 40%. But in reality, you'll never get that. Along with the fact that explosions, Missiles, lasers and PACs ignore reflect shields, and with FRAG+HEAT passing DIRECTLY THROUGH (the first layer in the former case, with inertia fuse; the latter ignores shields) Whereas for the same power I can double stone's AC and thus reduce a large portion of damage in half. Especially when considering you don't have to use laser shields if you use smoke liberally (Which is also cheaper)

Even if you manage the superbly unlikely 40% bounce shield, the shell will be only reflected so much and go directly into your ship anyway unless it was missing, or on the verge of missing

There is a way to make shields even more useless. Distruptors. So you can throw any hopes of being able to reduce the damage out of the window

So, how would I fix this? Simple.
A two-roll system for shields. So you get two different chances at breaking the shield. With S10 shields, a 0 degree angle this would provide a 36% chance to bounce. 45 degree angle (The most likely) it is up to 51%. As such, I would even recommend scaling the bounce chances down by an upper point of 5% at maximum angle and strenght (Two ways of doing this: affecting the entire calculation, or it would only take effect upon reaching the 35% chance, so at some 77.5 degrees).
Disruptors would still make shields far more niche and counterable.
However, one roll rules all should REMAIN for CRAMs. Let's face it, cracking a heavy opponent means cracking tons of shields. and this would help.

This would reward taking the time to design more complex shield systems, but not overly so as you don't get any more chances after the second shield. So there would still be a large portion of shells bypassing even S 10 shields

Alternatively, you could reduce power requirements and allow ring and planar shield coexistence at the same time. This would probably not fix the problem, just make both system viable and potentially able to fill in for some of the weaknesses of others.

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  PAC's are unreliable and useless.
Posted by: Kyro - Yesterday, 01:20 AM - Forum: General discussion - Replies (5)


To my concern, it seems like in the last few updates, especially the aps and shield overhaul, particle cannons were heavily nerfed, almost to the point of extinction. most PAC's are mostly aesthetic and don't do much damage. 

I say this because most vehicles with PAC's as it's main weapon tend to be quite underwhelming. The PAC doesn't do much damage, considering the size of engine required to fire it, and tends to get shot off often especially in frontsiders like the warlord.

The nerfs to shields make PAC's very vulnerable to lazers and small aps. For this, I suggest some way to heavily armor a small part of your vehicle at the cost of a huge amount of power. Maybe have a special property of the strength 10 shield (only go up to 5x5, and have it deflect pretty much everything like a solid wall.)

For the damage, I don't want to make the PAC a nuke in a box, but I want you to consider making their range attenuation lower. maybe lower base damage, and give the melee PAC lens a damage boost the nature of a melee vehicle.

I think the PAC block should be made to be a lot more stronger, not the pipes though. Finally, I think a "don't fire if pipes broken" option to stop the PAC from backfiring, or have it on the failsafe.

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  "Current Drive" flickers between 1 and 0 increasingly with more ion engines
Posted by: Jason_25 - 2019-10-13, 07:15 AM - Forum: General discussion - Replies (2)

Up until today I had noticed this problem but it did not affect me and I did not think much of it.

Today I decided to convert all my vehicles into "Neter 2019" standard.  I was using "Earth" settings before so my engines are now 10 times less powerful.  I have added around 5000 large ion engines to my space ship to compensate.  I noticed that the more engines I added the more the vehicle strugged to lift up.  At first I suspected a control conflict somewhere.  That turns out to not be the case.  Second I suspected a power problem even though that was not obvious from the telemetry.  That was not the problem either.  When you watch the lift engines you can see them flickering between 1 and 0 on the current drive.

Through some retro engineering I went back to a version of the vehicle with no engines.  Even a single ion engine flickers when added.  I am on about revision 375 of my space ship and I have to go back to version 4 to get to a point where the ion engines do not flicker.

I also tried the engine with the "Hover" setting and tried the engine mapped to the "A" throttle and they both flickered also.  I also tried without any power and the flickering still occurs.  Also when I set the "Resting Drive" manually to 1 the engine works fine and does not flicker.  On a tiny ship the problem does not occur at all.

I have been working to release a set of vehicles but this is such a setback I am not sure now.

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  Are 1m Blocks Viable?
Posted by: Dominolan - 2019-10-13, 06:35 AM - Forum: Component Design - Replies (6)

Are 1m blocks viable in certain situations? Say on each side of a gun mounted on a turret you have a 2 block wide, 1 block tall and 4 block long space to fill with armor. Instead of using a 4m heavy armor beam, would it be more effective to fit it with 4 individual 1m blocks of HA? With the way stacking armor works that should increase the armor value significantly, easily making up for the lack in health. This could even be useful in armoring a vehicle with cheap, highly sloped metal armor that would perform similar to flat HA beams. The question is, am I missing something? What are the downsides of doing it like this?

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  Multiplayer HELP
Posted by: TacticalNuke - 2019-10-12, 02:05 AM - Forum: Questions - Replies (5)

I'm trying to play the campaign with a friend but we are having constant problems. the map is turning all black and lines are disappearing. when we start a battle things start in different places for us. after battles finish for one of us it still says we are blockaded. we tried researching this but we can't find anything on the problems we've been having. if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated.

Edit: I am having the same problems outside of multiplayer too

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  advanced canon how to build in new update
Posted by: xCrazybuilder91x - 2019-10-11, 11:59 PM - Forum: Questions - Replies (3)

hi im playing from the depths and have many advanced cannon substructures that used to work but dont anymore not sure how the new system works for the advanced cannons to work is there anyone who can help me out with this cant find recent video to help so would like someone to show me thanks

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  Set turret to more than one/every weapon slot
Posted by: creater - 2019-10-11, 07:59 PM - Forum: Questions - Replies (1)

How can i set a Turret to follow the cross-hair on more than one selected weapon slot?
For example 2 Weapons on one turret, select the one to fire by selected weapon slot - the turret needs to turn for both selected weapon slots.

example: C&C Mammoth tank, Twin Cannon + Missile launcher on one turret

If not possible, is there a mod for it?

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  2.5 Shell Testing!
Posted by: Pyrotech51 - 2019-10-11, 12:22 AM - Forum: Advanced Projectile System - No Replies

So, before I log off for the night I’m going to drop this thread here for people to discuss initial findings regarding the APS shells in the new stable version (so we can stop doing so in other threads).

If anyone comes up with a shell format they particularly like, or one that does something particularly well please feel free to drop the test platform up onto this thread  so we can all poke at it and tweak them ourselves Big Grin

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  Performance issues
Posted by: sovient assassin - 2019-10-10, 10:10 PM - Forum: Questions - Replies (2)

Hi, so i've had this game for over a 2 years now i think and it's one of my oldest games i've ever had in my steam library, however, as the game has progressed it's become more and more laggy to the point where back in the day my old crappy setup could run the game fine to where as today my new set up with a 980M Nividia graphics card, 2.6 GZ base clock and 32GB Ram gets a maximum 47 FPS on Neter with a empty world on the Designer. I've tried using the "Boost my performance" option and it's the only reason why i'm not getting 5 FPS, i've also tried dedicating more GPU power to the game but it's made no difference, what the hell do i do to make the game more playable?

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  Tips on improving RPM
Posted by: Dominolan - 2019-10-10, 09:48 PM - Forum: Advanced Projectile System - Replies (13)

Hello. I'm trying to get back into the game after the APS "update" to try to make new vehicles, but i'm having trouble reaching reasonabe RPM with 500mm shells. Right now with 12 autoloaders (12! nothing screams realism like 90% of the turret being made of autoloaders lol) I have a sustained RPM of 4.2, is there any tips you guys/girls have to improve this? I used to be able to get well over 8 rpm with half of that. The reason i'm using 500mm shells is to go through layers of heavy armor, I don't really know if that's the ideal shell caliber for that anymore.

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