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  Steam Rebalance Part One: Part Statistics Rebalance
Posted by: ABYAY - Yesterday, 11:31 PM - Forum: Developer updates - Replies (1)

Hello everyone! While I await to hear more about CRAM and what changes are going to be confirmed/denied, I took time to attend to a secondary project that was going to be necessary and that is adjusting steam parts. Right now the steam parts are kinda all over the place in terms of stats. Some parts have weight values that might be typos, others have material costs that make no sense, and even some parts are either extremely flimsy for indestructible for their size! Therefore, I've created a spreadsheet showing current health/armor, weight, and material, then revised versions of those stats. This content does not cover the internals of steam balancing such as burn rate and other mechanics, only the stats of the parts themselves.

Here is the link to the spreadsheet.

Here's the tl;dr for the spreadsheet if it doesn't make much sense to you, or if you'd rather just have the overview.

 - In general, material prices for most steam parts will go up while some extreme parts such as the propellers are dropping way down. Those who have used steam propellers should find that their steam system price should go down.
 - Most steam parts should be more durable but smaller parts with inflated stats are not nearly as inflated.
 - Some odd quirks of numbers, namely the huge reduction gear (40 volume) costing 6 materials and the huge cased crank having only 60 weight (~2.2 weight per block) and 500 health, have been adjusted.

As per usual, numbers are not final. Feedback is appreciated!

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  Detection proposals
Posted by: Blothorn - 2019-08-20, 08:58 PM - Forum: General discussion - Replies (17)

I don't think detection presently justifies its difficulty--it is easy to get wrong, but doesn't offer many interesting tradeoffs. Passive detectors are near-useless because stealth is impossible. 360-degree radars and radar trackers are dominated by 360-degree cameras and laser rangefinders because visual signature almost always exceeds radar signature. Since range and precision are correlated moving from 360 degree sensors to trackers, if you can see something you can usually precisely lock it.

I should note that enabling true stealth is a deliberate non-goal, as I don't think FtD's AI/battle resolution will be able to handle it in the foreseeable future. I do, however, think that having a low signature should be more useful against direct-fire weapons.

My core proposals are the following:
- Restructure range/precision of sensor types. Radar has the longest range except against particularly hot or stealthy targets but has poor angular resolution. IR is a mid-range sensor with respectable angular resolution but a weakness against cool targets. Visual is the most precise system with the shortest range, but is also more reliable against low-observable vehicles.
- Remove range advantages for trackers, and possibly give them a modest range penalty.
- The rangefinder is cool but underwhelming outside of the narrow niche of ranging smoked targets with low radar cross-section. I think the largest sensors should be comparatively useful--I'd make it a limited-arc tracker with top-line performance, if possible.
- Give missile lock a chance of succeeding against targets with a distance-modified signature <200m, to make it less binary. (Again, probably a single roll per missile setting a threshold from 0-N00m.)
- Make naval propellers/underwater dediblades increase sonar signature, so passive sonar is more useful.
- Mask below-water IR sources.

My wishlist (mostly because I think they are more demanding of dev time):
- Expand/tune countermeasures:
+ Remove smoke's effect in trackers, aside from the laser rangefinder. Instead, have it apply a consistent offset to visual detection, as with laser designators, under the logic that you can see the smoke cloud but can't tell exactly where the target is within it. (I think this is from FourGreenFields on Discord, but couldn't find the posts to confirm.) I might also apply this to IR with diminished effect.
+ Make chaff do the same for radar--apply a detection/missile guidance offset based on signature and chaff consumption. Right now chaff seems too binary--it either makes you invisible to radar or it does very little.
+ Make the radar decoy act as a radar jammer, blocking radar detection on nearby vehicles based on angular distance/relative signature, at the cost of a substantial passive radar signature. Operation vs. missiles would be unaffected--it's too much to ask people to deploy separate anti-radiation missiles, and for realism purposes this mimics home-on-jam behavior.
- Add some multi-block detection systems--high-end radars, in particular.
- Expand night fighting--either longer nights in campaign or an option of whether to fight a day/night battle, spotlights counter the reduction to visual signature.
- An LWC option for minimum detection accuracy for fire.
- An option for missiles to hold fire until they have a lock.

If there's any dev interest in this I'd be happy to work on some concrete numbers, and possibly mod some proposals for testing if I can get my employer's permission.

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  Small update to stable (20/08/2019)
Posted by: Jon - Community Manager - 2019-08-20, 04:48 PM - Forum: Change logs (Patch notes) - Replies (4)

Hey Big Grin
A small update to stable has been released which gives us tracks, feet and the new subobject and prefab save/load

In order to set up your tracks, you firstly need to lay down your wheels, hit Q on one of them and select configure tracks.
[Image: 0dMktgo.jpg]
Click add a track or all tracks.
[Image: kpaIvDK.jpg]

To create a prefab the shortcut is Ctrl P
[Image: urbzL3A.jpg]
You can save, trash or load the prefab by middle mouse click, which would change the UI as follows and allow you to select one of the options.
[Image: hCavqK9.png]
To copy subobjects we can now hit Ctrl O. You will find all of your previous subobjects in the Migrated folder.
[Image: imF3PWp.jpg]
As you can see from the screenshot, we now have circles around spinners and turrets which will allow us to interact with them.
[Image: Y3ciHcb.jpg]
When you click on the subobject you will be given the option to save.
[Image: n9YOD7m.jpg]

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  What we are currently working on No2 Mid August - September
Posted by: Jon - Community Manager - 2019-08-20, 02:49 PM - Forum: Developer updates - Replies (7)

How are things going fellow gamers? 

Another ‘what we are working on post’ is here and we have some AWSOME excellent stuff coming up in the next update which “should” be in our grubby mitts around the 27th  August.

Towards the bottom of this page, you will find our current sprint, where you will find the whole list of all the additions and fixes we are working on, as well as what we have completed.
Some of these you may have already seen in-game. 

We shall start with what we think are the most EPIC exciting additions.

Sticky feet have already been released (19th Aug),  Nick had shown off some sort of sad looking stick insect with eight legs on Discord a while back, already walking with no issues.
I think I may finally start to make some land mechs and tanks Smile Totally intrigued atm Big Grin 

No stick insects were harmed in the making of this.

[Image: giphy.gif]
Walking straight
[Image: giphy.gif]

Cluster Crams! After a joke that got “a little” out of hand in Discord, we bit the cram shell and started working on these little babies Big Grin
Cluster Crams should work as follows: once the shell is launched and reaches ‘x’ distance to the target, it would split into x amount of smaller shells inheriting the flavours of the Cram. Unfortunately, for‌ ‌now, we do not have any figures in terms of how many clusters would spawn and if that would depend on guage or shell HP/both and how frag would be divided among them, and if they will also be able to use the pendepth fuse.

Abyay, has also been tweaking up our Crams 

[Image: 3LNVd8E.png]

You can check out all the talk on the Cram changes here and also view the current idea in terms of material cost changes here. In short, Abyay is generally reducing the cost of Crams, so if your tetrising is up to scratch with autoloaders surrounding pellets, you would use fewer pellets - therefore a “cheaper” turret. A few adjustments will be made to heavy barrels as well as buffing frag pellets and other tweaks. These changes will not be detrimental to the current setups. 

Trying to stick to all things projectile, APS will be getting a rate of fire stats to the UI.
[Image: LxKpAKL.jpg]

We have also started to integrate most of Rheas’ simple weapons, which look absolutely AWESOME wondrous! 
Stats are subject to change

Introducing the 94mm 'Type A' Heavy AA gun, which has a good elevation, uses APS shells.
[Image: 7eLdYcd.png]
[Image: 94mm.gif]
The 'R Class' Very light MG fires very fast but doesn't do a lot of damage, and is best used for destroying exposed components or players. 600 rpm and a 30 round magazine.
[Image: p61IYuy.png]
[Image: 50_cal.gif]
The 'Mk-H' 40mm AA gun fires explosive shells, accurate and good against small and wooden aircraft. 200 explosive damage, 750m/s shell velocity, 2.6km range.
[Image: Hn85EJD.png]
[Image: 40mm.gif]
'Type-E' 60mm grenade launcher fires once per second, deals explosive damage in a fair area and fires relatively quickly. 700 explosive damage, 1.5 seconds reload  20 round magazine.
[Image: UZxAf75.png]
[Image: 60mm_.gif]
'64 pdr cannon' low tech is short-range but quite high damage if it hits. Good against wood at close quarters. 9,000 KE damage, 1 armour piercing, 1km range.
[Image: 5ZpOe4C.png][Image: 64pdr.gif]
'Rokkits Revolutionary Revolving Blast Gun' is a 6 barrel invention of the DWG. A revolving automatic shotgun. 250 damage per shotgun fragment, 20 fragments per shot, 120 rounds per
[Image: linMtEy.png]
[Image: RevolvingFlak.gif]

We will also be seeing the first few changes to steam and also additions such as 

  • Steam engine parts are a little stronger now 
  • Steam jets for propulsion and turning. These will be able to work above and below the waterline once they are attached to the system via piping.
We will also be changing the steam engines to be self-regulating. Regulation would depend on our chosen steam pressure, which will be adjustable via ACB and perhaps in future via Breadboard.

The custom battle will also be ready for the next update, so I hope you have a few blueprints to send to friends and challenge them to a duel Big Grin 

Lately, we have been making tweaks and changes to the UI. This update also brings more artsy stuff and we have arranged the retrofitting UI. However in addition to these UI changes, we have also spruced up and released the Prefab and Subobject page earlier on the 19th  of August, we now have unlimited slots to save all our good stuff in.  Smile 

We had a very nice suggestion on Steam by Ai, where a number of points were brought to our attention with regards to the starting fortress. From that post, we shall be seeing some changes to the starting fortress in the Neter campaign, such as 
  • The refinery now has more flare stacks. This is going to help new players so they won’t be shocked out of their seats when something randomly explodes Big Grin 
  • AI has been moved away from the ammo storage, some material storage has also been moved. 
  • Fortress has a starting altitude of 7m, which of course we can change in-game.
  • Missiles had some love and were changed up a bit, giving them more range around the 3k mark and the fortress can generally keep up with firing the missiles with no issues.
  • Fuel engine has been changed; it only puts out about 1500 power and it's built to where we can upgrade the engine and It's also more fuel-efficient at lower RPM. 
  • As well as some eye candy tweaks.
On the subject of eye candy, we have done some small tweaks to the mimic block by increasing the traversal range by 10m Big Grin and rail decorations no longer block detection systems.  

During September we shall be seeing the changes to the campaign. The whole garrison system will be removed and replaced with a new and more lively Neter, including toggleable AI personalities (I would like a sadistic White Flayer one but I doubt that will be a thing  Sad )

We shall also be seeing the new 1x1 custom jet engines, a drill setup using steam, god mode for constructs in designer and the ability to automatically refill all ammo clips. This will save us time when we are testing out new ways of putting holes into White Flayer test subjects (Marauder lives matter!).

The ability to enter battle with hot engines for steam-powered constructs, steam engines to burn more efficiently when the burn rate is low, and efficiency will also be affected by the size of the steam setup.

Our pic of the week: This was created by ThinkingShobe which was posted on Discord. 

Very well done looks mighty epic, and I am sure a lot of time was put into this. 

[Image: PmKF69U.jpg]

Sprints end of August and through September, which is subject to change. 
[Image: small-ken-jeong-community-too-small-to-r...494204.gif]
[Image: KpzW55K.png]
[Image: wgXJUjq.png]
[Image: 4X37MoY.png]

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  Walker Foot And Prefab/Subobject Browser Ready For Testing
Posted by: Nick Smart - 2019-08-20, 01:30 AM - Forum: Developer updates - No Replies

Hi all.

Thank you all for your enthusiastic engagement with the road to release system. It's been really good seeing so many new faces on the forum and discord, with many of the posts on the new proposals / updates being first posts. Discord following also went up a fair bit as did the reddit. It's also been nice to see so many people helping the new players on the Steam forums (and everywhere else).

We've also been enthusiastically developing the new features we spoke about in the road to release post and are glad to say that the walker feet and sub object load / save and prefab load / save stuff. We got a bit carried away and finished them over the weekend so they are now in the steam dev test branch (along with tank tracks and a bunch of other stuff). You can swap into this branch at any time (no password needed) or wait for the build to be moved to stable. 

The walker foot is quite a complex little piece but I've used it successfully to make a huge spider thing. The prefab and sub object browser addition transformed into a complete overhaul of the two systems (particularly prefabs). The new prefab workflow is a lot faster and more versatile than before.

Regarding the road to release there are obviously no goals left with the exception of the "Redacted" goal. Realistically it's going to take ages for the community to hit that goal but when we do I think you'll like what I have in mind for it. In the absence of any more immediate rewards to develop for you guys as part of this project I'd just like to say thanks once again for your support and I will shelve the Road to Release plan. If you're keen to help the game in other ways please consider making content / streaming / tutorials / steam guides / getting involved in the WIKI work / joining the KOTL team / creating mods / helping new players / responding to proposals on our official forums / telling your friends about the game and sharing our new trailer.

[Image: iZfws0x.png]

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Question Tutorial series level of interest
Posted by: Kharel - 2019-08-19, 06:28 PM - Forum: General discussion - Replies (4)

I'm a builder with about 1500 hours of experience, so far from the most time-invested amongst all of you here! However, I have a background that gives me a fair understanding (or so I'd like to think, at least!) of most or all of the game's systems.

I also have the ability to do screen recording and a decent enough microphone to be able to produce videos, so I'm trying to see if there's enough interest to be worth producing a tutorial series for From The Depths. I've done a couple of text-based PID tutorial posts and at least one for missile guidance on Reddit, but those get buried quickly and the same questions get asked again within days. I'm definitely not the best person to teach aesthetics and design, so that would not be a part of this series. I would be focusing more on functionality and getting the performance you want out of vehicles.

I know video tutorials aren't to everyone's tastes, so if desired I could also produce a series of online text-based tutorials--either in addition to the videos or in place of them, depending on level of interest.

That being said, I'm thinking there's a few series that would be valuable:


  • Power systems
  • Movement Mechanics (general concepts, PIDs)
  • Armor
  • Air Movement
  • Water Movement
  • Land Movement
  • Mechanical components (spinblocks, pistons)
  • ACB Magic
  • Breadboards

Probably only concentrating on the more advanced weapon types here; simpler ones like CRAM and simple weapons have relatively straightforward construction processes. I'd give a list/rundown of components, their advantages and disadvantages, comparisons, and examples of functional setups.
  • Missiles
  • Advanced Cannons
  • Particle cannons
  • Lasers

This would be a start-to-finish vehicle construction tutorial series, probably not started until the end of the other series (as these would use concepts from previous tutorials). They would follow the construction of a fairly advanced, decently-sized vehicle from the ground up, with time compression over relatively boring bits (hull construction and shaping).
  • Ship
  • Hovercraft
  • Jet
  • Standoff Gunship
  • Submarine
  • Spacecraft
  • Battletech-style Mech

All that being said, what would be the most valuable to you? Are there any particular tutorials you'd be interested in, and are there any you'd want that aren't listed here? Also, what format would be most valuable, text or video?

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  Proposal for campaign changes
Posted by: Nick Smart - 2019-08-19, 04:29 PM - Forum: Developer updates - Replies (25)

I'm planning a system with three tiers of awards called (something like) combat merits, combat distinctions, and valorous combat awards

You earn combat merits by engaging in battles with larger enemy forces and dealing more damage than you sustain. Combat merits allow you to summon allies into fights or summon enemies into fights (taunting them with your combat history... They want to fight you).

Combat distinctions are earned by defeating taunted enemies in combat. So if you spend 50 combat merits inviting an SD unit into your next fight and you win you get 5 combat distinctions
Combat distinctions can be spent upgrading your forces to "mercenary status". These improved units can be brought into any faction on faction fight (when the fight begins they teleport to the scene of you want them to). Winning these fights earns you loot (as usual) and valorous combat awards.

All three tiers of awards can be spent on other things- most notably you can spend valorous combat awards to change faction relationships with any other faction (creating wars or peace). Combat ammo resupplies can also be bought with combat distinctions. Perhaps some other stuff like exchanging for materials.

The idea is that this will encourage small fleets and difficult fights, allow 8 way fights (summoning enemies and allies of all nations), allow mercenaries to change the course of faction on faction warfare, and allow meaningful diplomacy changes

Using mercenaries to help allies will also alter diplomacy

Mercenaries will not be able to engage in a fight or be engaged in a fight but only be hired out to other factions  or join faction on faction battles.. this means that it slims down the players core fleet to avoid snowballing... Forcing them to turn core forces into mercenaries to get valorous combat awards

In localised resource mode mercenaries that teleport half the world away to engage in a fight will need to treck home to deposit their material loot back into the economy. Centralised mode they won't need to do that of course.

And finally... The enemies and allies you summon into battle will be summoned from existing faction fleets so you can use this system to help you slim down the number of allied and enemy fleets that exist on the map.. so if you continuously summon OW units as allies it will affect their performance in their war with their enemies. Summoned allies and enemies will split into a new fleet and be at the combat location after the battle ends meaning you need to be a bit careful who you taunt into combat as they would wipe your territory if you lose the battle

The other changes to campaign are to remove garrison locations and just have roaming fleets under the control of a much smarter and more interesting AI mastermind (one for each faction). And this will factions to fight other factions (of course).

And finally we need do something about boarding and capturing and loot from that

What do you think of this proposal?

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  Our current From The Depths Trailer is here :D
Posted by: Jon - Community Manager - 2019-08-19, 01:11 PM - Forum: Developer updates - Replies (4)

Hey all,

A quick little update to what's happening at Brilliant Skies, the news update is still being worked on so I hope you are looking forward to that too.
Currently, this is our new From The Depths trailer. We also thank all of you for taking the time to create clips and sending them to us on the forum, so thank you all for participating.

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Bug Ammo clips not having/showing correct ammo amount
Posted by: microsoftpowerpoint - 2019-08-18, 06:33 AM - Forum: Post new singleplayer bugs here - No Replies

I was building a new 20mm gun and was using beltfed autoloaders and in the UI it has 64 rounds with a cap of 100 and won't go any higher and I can shoot it 

PS. i think they should hold more than 100 rounds if that is the cap, the phalanx CWIS has over 1000 rounds

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  Small Advanced Cannon
Posted by: Exabyte314 - 2019-08-17, 03:33 PM - Forum: Advanced Projectile System - Replies (1)

I am hoping to create a small Frigate-class ship to use as my starter vessel. This frigate needs at least one advanced cannon which can fire at a rate of one shot every second, roughly. Can somebody help me?
PS. This will mainly be for killing the DWG, but will be used as a support vessel for other factions afterwards.

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