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Posted by: Domanating - 2020-02-17, 10:30 PM - Forum: Mod releases - Replies (1)

This was already on Steam for a couple weeks and I advertised it on the game's discord, I kinda forgot about the forum, tbh.

Directly copied of the Steam's workshop description:
"This mod was initially intended to be for personal use only but upon request I'll make it public.

This mod is focused on small WW2 gun batteries, mainly small main, secondary and tertiary guns and gun batteries that APS cannot offer in a compact and/or aesthetically pleasing format and complement the already available simple weapons of vanilla FTD with more choices.

The stats of these guns follow the stats of the present Simple weapons to some extent with simple proportional values and interpolations combined with realistic stats given by Navweaps website in order to perhaps not make them either too powerful or too weak for their calliber, though everyone can tweak each gun easily to their liking.

I still have a lot of other WW2 weapons I plan to make for my own ships and I'll keep updating this mod but I'll probably not make anything that has a higher calliber than 180mm. That's a role APS can easily fill"

[Image: f633e7fa845850c95595eea4fb6d3938.jpg]
[Image: Untitled2.png]

[Image: cde439c6ff6813096345574dd7f0fcc7.png]

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  Fragment Velocity
Posted by: Artillery God - 2020-02-16, 04:00 AM - Forum: Questions - No Replies

So recently as part of a half-replica, I need a triple barreled small gun that can function as a dual purpose AA and CIWS, which Ive done already. However, due to the way it functions (by detonating fragmentation shells prematurely to act like a shotgun) it tends to over lead the target since the fragments are faster than the shells are. So that brings to the question, what is the velocity in m/s of Fragments from a Fragmentation warhead on an APS gun?

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  Varying Mass at high speeds
Posted by: iPersons - 2020-02-15, 03:37 AM - Forum: Questions - Replies (3)

I like to build fast. But, when my jet fighters reach around 175-200m/s, the center of mass shifts out to a wing and it infinitely spirals. I thought this was due to spin blocks, but then I built a fast jet without spin blocks and it did the exact same thing. Anyone else have this problem?

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  What we are currently working on #5 Feb 2020
Posted by: Jon - Community Manager - 2020-02-13, 11:31 PM - Forum: Developer updates - Replies (24)

What is up Depthians! 

Hope you are all doing well and excited for the strategic AI update which we are still working on. I have captured some of the AI in action, but please understand that not all the functions and features are currently in this little sneak preview and anything covered is subject to change. 

What we have currently is that the AI can create repair jobs, harvesting / gathering / transporting mats, capture jobs and I think there are attack jobs from what I have seen in my latest test.

Capture Jobs
This is to expand the factions territory. Some territory will have a higher preference than others and a faction requires to be at war with the current tile owner to be capturable. Constructs will group up in their territory before moving all together into the target board section.

Repairing structures and fortresses
AI will find a tile which has damaged structures or forts and it should check and see if it has enough mats for the job. The AI should also factor in the distance to the job and stockpiles and gather mats if needed. AI will also place down blueprints on an RZ or strategic location and send a construct to repair it from 0%.

Moving materials
Taking materials from the harvesting unit and putting them into the HQ for building with. 

There are more jobs to be implemented like the following defend jobs and many more, which will be created on further testing of the strategic AI.

Defending points
Can defend resource zones, HQ and specific locations as marked on the map (strategic locations that can / may give passive buffs if built on).
For resource zones constructs will move to the garrison location of the board section containing the zone. The priority of these jobs will depend on the number of enemy forces within a configurable radius.

Defending borders
This job is to protect the front line of the fight. Defending jobs would be assigned each to the parts of the border that need defending the most. If the AI has constructs that are idle after creating defend jobs, these constructs would / could be put on patrol. 

Resupplying with ammo, fuel and materials
Distribute to whoever needs it the most depending on procurement levels.

With that said I do hope you find this short gameplay interesting where I try and capture some of the AI in action doing its thing. Please understand that there are plenty of functions that need ironing out and loads of features and functions yet to be implemented. This is just the very basic start to the strategic AI! 

We have also talked about diplomacy lately and how we can improve it and how this would also make the strategic AI more alive. 
There were plenty of suggestions/ideas and how we can get a number of them to work with ease and others hard to implement, but we will talk about that in detail another time.

As for other news, we now have some slope transitions in our internal branch which will be in the next devtest build (no ETA, sorry). Wooden transitions may not make it to the next devtest as that requires a different method of implementing and as you know the team is focusing mostly on the strat AI, however! That does not mean we don't have a healthy dose of bug fixes / tweaks and updates and at the time of writing this we have 58 bug fixes awaiting release with a number in review. 

Some slopes for your slopes that go in between slopes! 
[Image: 7J4LOZ7YYExDfHjWHO8-eZh-FjANcmbV_9GEYpPO...0UEMlWIpoJ]

[Image: jShFwJT0fNiaL4-oBlY6Yp04DTgA5G5Xz1n7oiHV...7rD9FsW_JL]
We will also have wings for your wings! These wings will work just like our current wings, but look like better wings Big Grin
There may be a few more minor additions to the additions :p by the time of release.
 [Image: A86kbk93IKVHuvjMzGe3onWRfqEDOqo5DNocAsca...xyxr5lEnPJ]

Big Grin

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  Minecraft terrain, resources and crafting to build FtD functional blueprints.
Posted by: Gazzmask - 2020-02-12, 04:51 AM - Forum: Requests - Replies (1)

Hey, i was wondering if anyone has thought to try and merge the initial crafting and terrain block types and styles of minecraft with from the depths blueprint functionality? Buildings would be more stable (and creative) destructible terrain, along with using this terrain for resource types, would make for some interestingly creative solutions for resource gathering and exploration, along with changing the nature of tactics and strategy given the search for and competition over specific resources. you could (hypothetically) fight the deep water guard over a large coal vein. with a persistant world you could create combative units designed to disrupt other factions production efforts, like using artillery to destroy mines and factories.

Food for thought, although i'd imagine this would be taxing on a computer system.

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  T-130-270 MTAFV (Tank Replica Attempt)
Posted by: Dominolan - 2020-02-11, 10:29 PM - Forum: Your own vehicle blueprints - No Replies

[Image: y6eVulu.jpg][Image: RaokZWn.jpg]
[Image: mWC1GaR.jpg][Image: wT6fwYi.jpg]
[Image: GHX5KZh.jpg]

The T-130-270 is a light tank design that I made around October of 2019 that I never got around to releasing for various reasons, the main one being that I lost interest in the game. Hopefully by releasing my unpublished projects, I can get feedback and find new inspiration to continue playing. Modeled around the AMX-13, a French light tank produced from 1952 to 1987, this tank varies greatly from my previous mindset when it comes to building tanks. Compared to the T109, the T-130-270 trades most of the armor for better firepower, maneuverability, and cost-effectiveness. Armed with an 8-round 270mm fragmentation auto-loader, the T-130 excels in fighting minions and other small tanks. It can also be used in numbers to strip heavily armored tanks of external modules and other weak spots such as tracks and detection. It is also significantly more mobile and has a much faster oscillating turret that aims just as fast vertically as it does horizontally, giving it much better AA abilities than my previous tanks. To end the summary, I am going to point out that it is an attempt at a replica, which to me meant looks before performance. Below are the exact stats for the vehicle.


                          Shell Caliber: 270mm
                         Shell Velocity: 444 Meters/Second
                       Shell Accuracy: 0.16
                             Shell Type: Fragmentation (A: 16, D: 2,640 at 60 Degrees)
                  Penetration Ability: 1 4M Metal Beam, 2 4M Stone Beams
                Autoloader Capacity: 8 Shells
                        Unload Speed: 3.4 Seconds/Shell
                            Clip Reload: 27 Seconds

                             Max Speed: 35 Meters/Second (126 Kilometers/Hour) (78.3 Miles/Hour)
                Hull Traverse Speed: 32 Degrees/Second
             Turret Traverse Speed: FAST (Not sure how to measure)

        Frontal Hull Armor Rating: 105-140 
           Max Frontal Hull Health: 15,530
            Side Hull Armor Rating: 15
                     Side Hull Health: 2,100
           Rear Hull Armor Rating: 65
              Max Rear Hull Health: 825

     Frontal Turret Armor Rating: 80
        Max Frontal Turret Health: 1,500
         Side Turret Armor Rating: 15
                   Side Turret Health: 2,100
        Rear Turret Armor Rating: 15
                 Rear Turret Health: 175

                              Detection: 9 Meter Range Finder, 360 Degree Camera
                   Material Capacity: 5,000
                     Ammo Capacity: 800
                        Fuel Capacity: 14,000
                        Engine Power: 600
                        Materials Cost: 14,136
                                 Volume: 980
                                  Height: 7 Meters (9 Meters Occupied)
                                   Width: 11 Meters
                                  Length: 36 Meters

That's it for the post, feel free to leave feedback (It doesn't have to be positive, roast the hell out of my child-like artistic skill)!

Attached Files
.blueprint   T-130-270 MTAFV.blueprint (Size: 74 KB / Downloads: 11)
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  Are the APS intended to fire exclusively when full?
Posted by: strikingspikes - 2020-02-10, 04:17 AM - Forum: Questions - Replies (1)

When I fire APS cannons, they only fire from the full clips; not the ones that are partially filled (Attached video proof.) Is this just my client, a bug, or a feature?

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  ACBs for controlling laser targeters
Posted by: Gazzmask - 2020-02-09, 08:28 AM - Forum: Questions - Replies (2)

Hey, is there a way to have ACB or LUA control the advanced cannon laser targeter based on target speed and heading (and potentially the cannon itself) want my cannon to be better at shooting out air targets and/or antiship missiles. (think similar to an oto melara 76/62)

Same with changing between ammo types, say shifting between a small fast air target (use flak) and a big slow warship (HEAT/HESH/APCR/etc)?

if not can we have it added? (if it's not too much trouble)

Cheers in advance

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Posted by: lerxst - 2020-02-08, 04:18 PM - Forum: Questions - Replies (3)

Trying my hand at using these in a more advanced way than I have before. I have to torpedo launchers in either side of my ship, that launch them perpendicular to the direction the ship is facing (launching them as a broadside). What is the best ACB setup to use for this?

I've tried to fire within x range, but both sides fire on the enemy, wasting one shot on empty space. I've tried to use the bearing, but haven't been able to figure out what settings to use for the angle and what it's referencing by the +/- angle. Does it refer to the front of the ship, the front of the weapon controller, or the front of the ACB?? Is the +/- 180 degrees simply the game's way of using the 0-360 degrees normal people (pilots and flight simmers) use in these terms? Smile

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Thumbs Up Community Dictionary?
Posted by: Carolus Magnus - 2020-02-08, 03:17 PM - Forum: General discussion - Replies (2)

From noodles to spaghetti to tetris and belt blasters there's a lot of specific slang flying around the builder community. It's natural for games to develop their own community workfloor language, and from the depths has it by the shiploads. I've often seen that liberal application of such standardised buzzwords confuses newcomers. I would therefore propose that we build a little lexicon here somewhere or on the wiki as a fun community project.

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