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  Magnus' Corner of meddling and mucking
Posted by: Carolus Magnus - 2020-04-05, 05:12 PM - Forum: Mod releases - Replies (3)

In the posts found here down below you can find my small humble mod projects as made thus far. These are simple additions made fully from withing the mod UI. No extra code or plugins added. I hope to learn with small steps how to make some simpler projects within the game. I hope you will find something to your Liking!

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  Penetrators/kinetic missiles from Draba's original overhaul
Posted by: Carolus Magnus - 2020-04-05, 04:19 PM - Forum: Missiles - No Replies

Back in the day I was quite fond of the way Draba implemented kinetic missiles in his revision/complete rebalance of gruntmasters gauged missiles. What are the speficics of why this system didn't make the cut into the game? Sad

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  static angle choice for missile launchers
Posted by: Gazzmask - 2020-04-05, 11:57 AM - Forum: Component Design - No Replies

Hey, could we potentially have a block or build mechanic created to allow missile blocks to be placed at specific angles without the need for relying on a single fragile spinblock to facilitate this?

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  How to make the "point at"-AI really point at the enemy?
Posted by: GerJS - 2020-04-02, 11:41 PM - Forum: Questions - Replies (5)

Tried a simple Hover-craft that points at the enemy and shoots its laser.
The AI though doesn't manage to consistently point the vehicle at the enemy, often overshooting it drastically or remaining at ~20° off to the side.
I tried tweaking the PID, tried using a breadboard and ended up with ACB control that at least sometimes works. The other times the ACBs don't register the existence of the enemy.

Has anyone experience or tips for this type of craft?
Vehicle in question attached, if necessary.

EDIT: Build in Devtest

Attached Files
.blueprint   Utumno-class.blueprint (Size: 179.6 KB / Downloads: 1)
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  What we are currently working on #6 April 2020
Posted by: Jon - Community Manager - 2020-04-02, 09:15 PM - Forum: Developer updates - Replies (7)

What is up Depthians!

Back with another news update as to what is happening at Brilliant skies.

As most of you know we are working our sterns off with the Strategic AI which we have running in Devtest at the mo. We are still working on features and functions for the AI and ironing out bugs old and new that have been found by you awesome people that have opted into Devtest.
You can find more info about the current Devtest here

We will also be seeing these new additions/changes to From The Depths. The two I am most excited for are 1237 + 1224 Big Grin
REQ-1239 APS Shell RGBO colour selector and size selector for tracer shells.
REQ-1236 movable light source block
REQ-1237 See invisible blocks/mimics button
REQ-1224 Temporarily disable mimics in build mode
REQ-1235 Allow CJEs and Jet Thrusters to adjust pitch/yaw like Water Props
REQ-1234 Buffed stats for wheels
REQ-1231 CIWS slider similar to LAMS slider for missile gauge
REQ-1226 Apply to all button for smoke dispenser
REQ-1211 Make warp drive terminators count towards warp rod length.
REQ-1210 Key Binding to return from part submenu
REQ-1195 Additional Weapon Ammo Management Options
REQ-1182 Allow players to assign engine priority

With regards to 1195, the current idea which we shall be implementing will work through ACBs for now, which would stop reloading at a given ammo % and another option to stop firing at a given ammo %. We may in future add these to the UI’s for missiles, CRAM, and APS.

Bigger wheels will make an appearance, and I’m sorry that I don’t have an ETA or any sneak preview stuff just yet on the wheels. These requests will most probably hit Devtest first before stable.

1210 Is probably going to work by right-mouse click to go back 1 tab

I’m sure you are about to ask “When will Devtest be released to stable?” For now, I don’t have an ETA and this is due to multiplayer (MP). We already know MP has its issues and we have a rough idea of how the new changes are going to work with MP. We do not wish to make things worse for those that MP is “working” for, without more in-depth testing with these new functions and features. Nick had hoped to have a number of MP issues resolved during this Devtest branch among the usual dose of bug fixes. However, today on the 2nd of April 2020 he has become a dad! Big Grin So yes a slight delay in getting to a number of those MP issues this week. Hopefully, Nick will be around more after this weekend.

Once new additions or bug fixes are added to Devtest I will update the post, which I linked above unless its some minor change. 

As always thanks for your support Smile

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  [SS] Jaguar Attack Helicopter
Posted by: iPersons - 2020-04-02, 04:52 PM - Forum: Enemy AI Vehicle / Fortress Submissions - No Replies

Hey all,

I've always loved the modern building style of the Steel Striders. Studying some of the designs helped me become a better builder. The submissions may be closed. But if the Steel Striders ever need a new helicopter, I would immensely appreciate it if someone looked at my AH-6 Jaguar design for the spot.

[Image: v301bjL.jpg]
I have a in depth summary in my PDT Fleet catalog in the vehicle blueprints section. To summarize, the Jaguar is a good support craft with a balance of maneuverability, firepower, and protection. Can hold its own against many smaller and mid sized craft while being able to provide fire support in larger battles. I would consider it a good regular or expert craft as it lacks shields and its missile counter measures can be overwhelmed by enough fire. Sits at about 1500m away from the battlefield launching missiles and firing its 120mm AP cannon.

Any feedback is immensely appreciated. Let me know what you think. 

Attached Files
.blueprint   AH-6 Jaguar.blueprint (Size: 105.05 KB / Downloads: 3)
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  Custom writing blocks
Posted by: TinTuna - 2020-04-01, 04:19 PM - Forum: General discussion - Replies (3)

Hi guys! I'm a long time player, first time poster.

I was wondering how this writing effect was done (see attached pic)?

I guess it was achieved by modding in a custom block with a mostly opaque texture and writing on one side but if there is a mod or easier way to achieve it I would love to know! Any ideas?

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
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  Ideas for advantages to capturing tiles?
Posted by: iPersons - 2020-03-31, 02:24 PM - Forum: General discussion - Replies (11)

What I have seen so far in the new strategic campaign is great. It's a huge leap in the direction of a interesting and fun campaign. That said, I have seen relatively little importance of capturing general tiles other than being buffers for enemy attacks. I've had some ideas on what could be done. Tell me what you think:

1: passive buffs from tiles.

Having buffs from tiles would give the player incentive in holding certain tiles. Buffs could be like -10% resource cost to all vehicles assembled in the tile or +5% resource efficiency in oil refining in some other tile. It would also give players incentives to really build up infrastructure like factories to make use of these tile buffs.

2: small passive resource generation from certain tiles:

Who doesn't want more resources? This could be represented as taxes on locals or commerce. Passive tile generation gives players incentives to defend tiles to have more resources to utilize in their campaign.

Just some ideas. Would appreciate some feedback about what you think.

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  Ramming Lua
Posted by: Air_Skipper - 2020-03-31, 10:48 AM - Forum: LUA Scripting - Replies (3)

I'm looking to make a vehicle that rams an enemy at high speed.  Is there a good Lua code for this?

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  First 'galleon'!
Posted by: Delta - 2020-03-31, 12:26 AM - Forum: Your own vehicle blueprints - Replies (3)

Technically it does fit the specifications.. three sails, 3 decks, woohoo!

Also first 'completed' ship since I got back into the game. (Fuzzah here!)

[Image: AE29FCC44C88BA4C3D09D064F0DF7E76CD909E04]

[Image: 4D6DFEC125E9FBCD57F4EA16643E7AC1C1477A79]

So things I have learned:

You can make 'rigging' by rotating turrets.
Glass makes good looking sails.
Spending enough time on a project almost guarantees that it will turn out OK.

Attached Files
.blueprint   Greatship.blueprint (Size: 120.67 KB / Downloads: 5)
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