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  HMAS Quokka patrol boat
Posted by: Roflcopterkklol - Yesterday, 10:34 PM - Forum: Your own vehicle blueprints - No Replies

Finally got around to finishing off a small ship that is good for the start of the campaign at 38,000 materials (1200 blocks)
Has an advanced cannon and 8 medium missile launchers, not much else to say really
[Image: 0XhVZNf.jpg]
[Image: XJ11KW4.jpg]
Download link:

.blueprint   HMAS Quokka patrol boat .blueprint (Size: 85.58 KB / Downloads: 1)

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  The White Flayers are not fun to fight.
Posted by: CrimsonOctober - Yesterday, 07:15 PM - Forum: General discussion - Replies (4)

Salty / vent post incoming. 

I've never finished the campaign.  Every time I do, I get to the White Flayers and I just hit a wall of unfun.  And it's not that I can't beat them, I've beaten them three times.  It's just that every time I do, the frustrating, unfun slog of it all has sucked the joy out of the game and I never go on to face the remaining factions unless I'm playing the far-more-fun Adventure mode (at least until you get to the point where you have an effective fleet and it becomes too easy.)

The White Flayers used to be bad when I first started finding my feet, the days of the pen-anything Sabot-reign, watching a shot from the Perforator go through 16 stacked metal beams below the waterline and out the other side of a ship was bad enough back when reflector shields actually used to do something.  Back then LAMS could actually block the missile spam they love to fill the air with.  

Still, they were the offensive-overbalance faction and that was understandable and counterable, even if it turned their part of the campaign into attritional horror and their insane fire rates killl your frame rates.  You fight the Onxy Watch just to fund your inevitable repairs and losses against Degraded Mode the faction.  

But that was when defenses worked.  Now, Reflector shields are a joke and LAMS system, even supported by Flak turrets and super-expensive, not-worth-it-60%-of-the-time-and-always-innefficient-because-the-fire-rate-has-to-be-exactly-matched-against-the-opponent-and-you-can't-do-that-in-a-campaign-battle counter missiles are laughably weak.  If you have bad luck with the timing or angle of your decoys you can say goodbye to most of the defenses of your most expensive ship.  LAMS are so weak right now against missiles that have far too much health that they barely make a difference against the ridiculous mega-swarms put out by something like the Judgement.  

And that isn't even touching on the sodding melee ships.

Melee is OP. 

It's utterly ridiculous how much damage you can do with a suicide charger ship.  Just for yucks I made a 5k hovership with four rams and a drill on a piston.  It reliably kills any easy or regular ship regardless of how much more they mass or cost and that should not be.  

Rams have far too much health and their seeming utter invulnerability to impact makes them far too powerful.  They should have limits before they break, they shouldn't just let you cleave through literally anything like a hot knife through butter or Wolverine's adamantium claws.  Let them have a big impact, certainly, high risk, high reward, great, but right now they're an instant decider and that's no fun at all.  You can also take manual control of a like-cost ship, pump shell after shell into an approaching ship, even one of the easier ones like the Veles or Earth Raker and completely fail to even partially defang whatever you're shooting, despite having dedicated your attention to making the right move.  The doom of your fleet's most expensive ship is inevitable unless the AI ditches the front end of the ship into the waves long enough for you to get out of the way.  This isn't great design or balance.  

This is a game you play for naval duels between warships and technical strategy and counter strategy, not to watch your carefully-considered, multi-layered, very complex warship get cheesed to death by something as dumb and stupid as a big melee-ram ship.  

I would love to know how you're meant to counter something like the new Longinus.  Really, I'll sit down and wait for you to tell me. 

Because speaking of defensive counters that no longer work, Graviton Ram shells seem to do pop-diddly to any White Flayer ship worth a mention.  Even putting them into every gun on a cruiser at multiple calibers would barely slow something like the old Zealot .  The Longinus just laughs.  You have to watch very close to notice the tiniest nudge at all.  You might forestall the removal of your turrets and superstructure by about .33 of a second.  

Ships aren't the answer, I hear someone say at the back?  Alright well, let's go there.  Planes last a hot minute against the fangs of the White Flayers, the frame-rate killing storm of hypervelocity kinetic shot is more than enough to reach out and rip off the wings of your pretty butterflies and big slow airships with their sub-surface-ship armour are just asking for those needles to pop them.  The sheer speed of those shots also mean they have shockingly little trouble shooting submarines up as well, so your slick solution to the Onxy Watch isn't going to work here, either.  And since Reflector Shields will still allow 60% of projectiles through at the best of times at insane power and fuel costs, those options aren't quite off the table, but they do have to take a supporting role behind your well-armoured surface ships, because right now, thick, composite armour with spall liners and gaps is the only defensive surety.  

And here come the rams.  Because they just LOVE a big chunky block of expensive to effortlessly tear into without consequence.

Time for another repair bill. 

Isn't this fun?  Quineg.

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  I must've blocked this one from memory.
Posted by: Sweet Jenny - Yesterday, 06:18 PM - Forum: Engines - No Replies

I made a monster. 10k-20k efficiency at 3200 power use. 3-5 turbos per carb.

[Image: 14yk5Tc.jpg][Image: ZiMcSAe.jpg]

[Image: tmweySd.jpg]

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  HMAS Hyperion - III
Posted by: Roflcopterkklol - Yesterday, 07:10 AM - Forum: Your own vehicle blueprints - Replies (2)

After a lot of time spent working on this ship i am finally ready to release the first combat ready version (Later versions will include smoke and LAMS systems)
HMAS Hyperion - III
[Image: qcnyDGI.jpg]
[Image: kku1fNV.jpg]
[Image: AxKt4U1.jpg]
Description: (37,671 blocks 2,041,995 material)
With all of my previous generation battleships no longer working i needed a new fleet leader and this is what i ended up building, In no way is this a cheap ship to build or run and it is honestly borederline unusable in the campaign unless you have a lot of resources you need to burn through fast in battles which is perfect for my needs.
The ship has a fully traversable interior with i don't even know how many rooms to explore i forgot to count.

x4 125rpm high velocity 250mm cannons with penetration depth fuse ammunition
x4 53rpm high explosive/flak 500mm cannons
x64 large HE/frag missile launchers
x96 medium size EMP/HE/frag missile launchers

x2 steam engines
x6 turbo engines
x320,000 material storage
x15,000 ammunition
On board ammunition processing
720,000 battery power
level 8 hull shields

Download link: (File is too large for the forum blueprint uploader)

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  Entity too large?
Posted by: Roflcopterkklol - Yesterday, 06:53 AM - Forum: Questions - No Replies

I am trying to upload a 1mb blueprint and it is saying "entity too large" when i try to make the thread, what gives?
I have uploaded much bigger blueprints in the pastm andwho i managed to get it to work using a google drive link.
[Image: aPaQquw.jpg]

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  Missle Defence Help
Posted by: DarkDragon9012 - 2019-12-06, 01:41 PM - Forum: Questions - No Replies

So ive noticed that  quite a few of the DWG ships that use missles, use small missiles that use  one turn and a thumper head, no other guidance, Been trying to find a counter to them to give my ships a bit of an edge but so far nothing works, 6 30 mm  assualt cannons cant target them fast enough when useing a double turret set up, small fast as hell missiles cant  do much but do better then the first option. but i still get smacked hard by the enemy missile. How do you deal with a spam of fast moving thumper warhead missles? Any help would be appreciated

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  Hover Over Enemy AI?
Posted by: Walrusthemoonbear - 2019-12-05, 01:51 AM - Forum: Questions - Replies (3)

I am just wondering if there is a good AI behavior to make a helicopter hover directly over the enemy, or if I will have to do some breadboard magic to set something like that up.

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  Simple AI refit demo
Posted by: draba - 2019-12-04, 11:30 PM - Forum: Questions - Replies (1)

An example on how to configure frontal hovercraft simple AI card.

Important changes on the example:

  • Added simple AI card and using the "Hover movement" manoeuvre it provides, instead of 6-axis
  • PID derivatives down, you generally want 0.1-ish on most things. Only go higher on things that change slowly on a given craft(distance/altitude in general, yaw in this specific case)
  • Gains down a bit, you usually want something like 0.01-0.1 for most things. Yaw is 0.3-0.5 here and strafe is weaker to make sure the nose keeps being pointed in the proper direction while strafing
  • Most integrals removed, you generally don't want to use it. It's usually only needed for altitude, maybe pitch on this craft
  • Side rotors converted from hover to hover+roll, back rotor to pitch only, added side jets for strafing and the ones in the front back are strafe+yaw(front isn't needed, just smoother this way)

Looking at the examples I think simple cards could use some QoL changes to get them a bit closer to the lua script in ease of use.
Will see what can be done without breaking other AIs.

[Image: MOjeud8.gifv]

Attached Files
.blueprint   FalconMk2_HoverDemo.blueprint (Size: 102.35 KB / Downloads: 7)
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  Heavy Railguns
Posted by: Pyrotech51 - 2019-12-04, 10:51 PM - Forum: Advanced Projectile System - No Replies

Here's a build platform with a pair of large railguns, one with a pair of 4x200mm/4x450mm designs and the other hosting a single 1x450mm design. Both can use the same ammo types which are derivatives of the shells I developed for use in my hybrid gun designs, in this case trading the G.Casings for reduced shell length.

These seem to be close to the limit of what is possible for 15x15x9 railguns, and the Hades Railgun is likewise close to the limit for an armoured 15x15x5 design. Nevertheless, if anyone spots inefficiencies in the tetris please let me know!

The Hades Railgun - 1x450mm 60RPM, 22000pow/s ~89000 material
[Image: GsijMyZ.jpg]

The pair of 4 Barrel Railguns - 4x450mm 4x26RpM, 4x10700pow/s (104RpM, 42800pow/s), 4x200mm 4x142RpM, 4x9000pow/s (568RpM, 36000pow/s)  Both ~170000 material
[Image: XYKFc6i.jpg]

Attached Files
.blueprint   Hades_Railgun_Build_Platform.blueprint (Size: 181.87 KB / Downloads: 3)
.blueprint   Rofl_Build_Platform.blueprint (Size: 260.41 KB / Downloads: 2)
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  Making custom player avatar worth the time?
Posted by: Horkas - 2019-12-04, 02:40 PM - Forum: Questions and Discussion here - No Replies

I have been teaching myself 3D modeling and animation in my down time. Currently Im working on a personal game project, creating assets for it. That being said, I have made a very good base mesh and rig for a human male as a starting point for various creations. This means I could fairly easily make a custom player model for this game. As much as I love the floating trashcan........ I think it is about time for the player model to feel a little more, not horrific.

So my question is; Is it even possible to change game assets like that currently, (Player model, animations, weapons to correctly fit model, etc...) Or are the Dev's already working on updating the player models?

Links to the base starting mesh I would use and some various WIP's/Testing.

Base mesh
Testing model for animations
Closer image of testing model
Highly cartoon stylized robot for personal project, incase people want to stick with more robotic theme for player. and

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