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Full Version: More cannon sounds and explosions
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Since I like good quality sound (maybe more than fancy graphics^^) I'd suggest introducing several, caliber, depandant cannon sounds, not only tuning them up/down, as well as more projectile impact/explosion sounds.

Some of the already present sounds are really cool, but needs some more variety, imo.

And a good friend of mine just send me this video link about a very interesting sounding space-shooter game, specialy regarding to nice cannon sounds. (Yeah I know, WoT has as well awesome cannon sounds^^)
A lot of sounds are freely available- ( etc). If you source me a free sound (or a cheap sound) I'd happily add it to the game. This goes for sound effects for any part of the game
Wonderful, will be looking after some more nice sounds Smile
then i will start looking one for the 20 guage cannon (and that thing needs to sound like a train send flying by an explosion)
I was always wondering, what a "4500mm Artillery Cannon" from EvE Online would sound in real^^
4500mm? That is one hell of a cannon. would practily destroy anything if it can score a direct hit whit its 4.5m diameter shell.

Found some intresting info about german railroad attilery that fired 800mm shells, whit 10km range. and those shells penetraded an ammo storage located 30meter under water and reenforced whit 10 meter concrete.
Imagne what a 4500mm cannon can do?

PS: i think i have bought one of the supreme commanders games whit a humbel bundle. Need to chek my steam.ยต
PPS: yes i have supreme commander and supreme commander forged alliance Tongue will downlaod them now so i can try to play thme when i have some time left. Instead of putting that time into the chinese monster of a ship...( man i regret it now already)
For the 4500mm thingie:
(Play from 0:42)
Though it't sound is not really prominent/awesome
i think i have foudn a winner for the max gauge Big Grin

EDIT: well ther is a lot of krrr noise Tongue
Yeah that's a nice one but perhaps a bit distorted?
it was the bets one i could find Tongue

maybe this one?

found a few, the first one you need to cut it into a few pieces. (need to use youtube conventer, don't ask me how you do that Sad )
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