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History of the lemniack navy: record lemmington -132 years ago
Day 0,
We woke up from a sleep pod inside a crashed spaceship, we have lost all our memories except for our name. There are 54 survivors.

NOTE: Due to the loss of memory following our awakening from our slumber, I decide to make logs of important events so we can evaluate them later.

Day 1,
We went and explored inside and around the ship.
The ship is very big, about 5 km in length. On the side there is a scratched up name, the only thing that is still readable is lemniack. This planet also seems to have a vast ocean. I till wonder why i can't remember anything before i went to sleep in those pods.

Day 2,
We found the library in the ship. it has instruction and manuals for supposed 'factories'. I don't even know what a factory is, why would they wipe our memories? Was our old home so bad?

Day 3,
Someone committed suicide, apparently he found a 'diary' inside the library, a dairy it is a log or some sort. One of his friends told me that after he finished reading the book, he burned it and then committed suicide. Maybe it is better to not have any memory of our old home.
Today we also where able to start these factories. Apparently they can create parts of our body. and build vehicles. The ships factory makes up for about 25% of the ship. It has quite an impressive output.

Day 4,
We where able to create our first sea worthy vehicle. the library has quite a lot of information on how to construct things and even how to 'upgrade' ourself. There are also some strategist document on how to defeat an opponent. I just hope we never needs to use those.

Day 12,
We where able to create a few resource outposts and also to create vehicles that is capable of flight. We call them airships.

Day 27,
We made contact with one of the natives of this planet. I was surprised I understood the creature after a few sentences. He said was from the Gray Talons He suggested to make a trade route between our 'factions', he asked our faction name. I haven't thought about a name yet, so i spouted out 'Lemniack Navy'. Most of my comrades didn't dislike the name so we went with it. Also i wonder why the creature called us first robot when we met him.

Day 28,
Because I was responsible for creating the first trade route, my comrades promoted me to supreme commander of the faction. Everyone thought I deserved the title, I wasn't so sure of myself.

Day 30,
I finally understand why the creature called us a robot, apparently those creature are organic lifeforms. while we are some sort of androids with very advanced AI. Does being an android also mean that we do not live? Where we responsible for things that have happened in our old world? Maybe it is better not to think to much about those things. I don't want anymore of my comrades commit suicide.

Day 45,
We found schematics and programs to create more androids. This way we can make our own faction bigger. It was a wonderful day the Lemniack Navy

Day 64,
Thanks to the trade route with Gray Talons we where able to get certain resources a lot faster and we started to create our first space ship prototype. We estimate to have space worthy ships in 2years.

Year 1 Day 26,
We have learned a lot more about the planet Nether, one of these things is the political problems with all the factions. so we have cut our trade route with Gray talons. I don't want any unnecessary conflicts in this world. Luckily they understood our intension and left us alone.

Year 2 Day 75,
Our very first real spaceship was able to get into orbit around planet nether. This is a very good day for our R&D part of the faction.

Year 2 Day 81, w
Within the first week of our first spaceship launch, we saw something crashing on nether. We have send an away team to see what it is.

Year 2 Day 82,
The team reached the object. It was a meteor with a lot of precious minerals but there was something else that was attached to the meteor.

Year 2 Day 125,
After more then 40 days of research where are 100% sure that the thing that was attached to the meteor doesn't belong to any of the native faction of planet Nether. This must mean it is of something that is in outer space.
Also did the probe (this is how we called the thing) have some information regarding an invasion. Most of the information was either lost or got corrupted with the crash.
Whit this information in mind we started to produce combat oriented ships to defend ourself for whatever might come in the next decade.

Year 2 Day 302,
We have found another probe attached to a crashed meteor. This one lucky had more information that wasn't corrupted or lost. This time we where sure that an invasion was coming to planet Nether. So we ramped up the production of our combat space ships.

Year 3 Day 5,
We contacted the other faction about an imminent invasion. Most of them replied that they had better thing to do then listen to some crazy androids. The few factions that did take our warnings seriously didn't had anything that was capable of spaceflight yet. So we where basically on our own then.

Year 4 Day 149,
We started developing on a plan B if our space combat ships weren't capable of defeating the alien invasion then this should do the trick. To bad I can't describe it more in this log without breaking our rules. The only thing I may mention is that the erratic rotational axis of planet nether is one of the key components of the weapon.

Year 7 Day 264,
The day has come we all feared, our long range sensors that we placed into orbit picked up a grand armada. We estimated that they outnumber our ships with a 16 to 1 scale. And that wasn't even including the fighters that they probably have. We held a voting about using plan B with all of the top people of the faction. The voting was 80% in favor of plan B. The plan should start when the aliens first land on the planet.

Year 7 Day 286,
The aliens finally landed on the planet, They haven't contacted any of the other factions yet and currently we are the only ones who know they landed on this planet. It is time to initiate plan B.

Year 7 Day 324,
Plan B is working great. I doubt those alien could survive much longer on this planet with such events going around them.

Year 8 Day 3,
The aliens finally retreaded back into orbit with their flagship. This was a huge success! Most other factions didn't even know what their plan was.

Year 15 Day 195,
It has been 7 years after the aliens where driven back into space. We haven't had much communication with the other factions, there is just 1 faction that keep attacking us to try to steal our tech. Lucky our factories are able to produce a vehicle that can counter the current thread within 24 hours and dispatch it. The enemy can't come up with new designs forever can they?

Year 15 Day 314,
It has been a few months since the last raid of the Lighting Hoods. I think they gave up trying to steal our tech. Apparently we where to quick to produce vehicle that could counter theirs. But we still are ready for whenever anyone tries to invade our home. The lemniack!

PS: If you see a typo or you just have an idea to add to the lore just PM me.
PPS: This lore is Nick Smart approved!