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Full Version: 1.604 [Dev branch only]
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Terrain sizes / dimensions /resolutions should be changeable in the map editor without causing problems (either during that editor session or when loading the planet to use).

Map Editor automatic player team changing has been added (ABYAY had some issues with this).

A bunch of other fixes including scrap smelter on/off being saved and a third variable to define faction HQs ( the size of fleet they produce).
Woo, thanks Nick! I'll be checking out the fixes when I get home from work in about 4 hours. If I have any problems I'll either edit this post or make a new one!
I still have texture problems with the dark clouds (pixel-y and noticeable drop in frame rate)
Help! This message does not go away when I press continue. (Pops up when I try to make a campaign instance)

[Image: M7dnTV3l.jpg]

Restarting the game makes it go away, but it pops back up when I try to make a campaign instance.
Team Playaaaa ! Tongue
but yeah, I get this message too
and it will NOT go away, it seems the button isn't set to do anything
I can report that target prioritization cards are still broken.
Could it be mentioned when an update comes out that fixes them please?
Not sure if bug or feature. When caps lock is on and I mouse over to my other screen this window pops up. Only happens when capslock is on.

[Image: 2mqkwlu.png]
Just got home to start testing some stuff. First off, numbers for the Vehement Seekers are now showing again, which is awesome! However, there seems to be a problem, and this also occured in 1.603 that I thought was relevant to the issue of player factions. No matter how I try to designate the spawn point for the player, it won't obey if it's directed around the player. I can nullify this issue by making a Vehement Seekers spawn point on the starting fortress.

Issue #2: It's still acting as if the player is the top faction in the vehicle designer, causing my first enemy faction to spawn allied units. I may know a solution, but can't fix it yet. Refer to Unseenchaos's issue for the reason why.

Issue #3: The GUI crashes out when looking at faction diplomacy, right when I try to switch pages. Seems to happen consecutive times.

Issue #4: Whenever some areas that have enough points attempt to spawn a fleet, nothing will spawn. I've only seen this with low numbers thus far, will have to experiment further. (May have found out the issue by self error, still testing.)

Issue #5: Ally/enemy icons remain at the top when you hide the interface (F9)

Issue #6: Paint sprayer is still bugged. Try to right click, the interface will open for a split second, then disappear.

Issue #7: Refer to Unseenchaos's issue regarding the popup about spawning. This also occurs when trying to make ANY instance, apparently.

Issue #8: Trying to adjust a resource zone's growth to "low" results in the amount of resource to become low. Therefore, it's impossible to make any resource have a low growth.

Issue #9: There seems to be a long lag before the game registers a special fleet being made. It won't appear in the menu until after some time. If there's a trigger, I haven't found it yet.

Issue #10: Trying to adjust a fleet's objective to "perminent deployment" (Which should be permanent unless spelled differently across the sea), doesn't work. It wants to default as resource zone retinue.

Issue #11: Mentioned by others, the target prioritization card is messed up. All targets are just marked with a 1.

Issue #12: I don't know if this is a bug or not, but it seems a few of my designs are failing to load up spin block/turret block setups when spawned from a blueprint spawner.

Issue #13: weird. Resource zone fortresses will spawn if you're in battle with units of the square, but not on their square. If your units attack that fortress/spawn before destroying all other enemies, they will despawn and then respawn at full health.

Issue #14: Not sure if a bug or a false setting on my end, but it seems blueprint resource cost numbers and actual resources required are inconsistent. The Jolt, a small ship of mine, says the blueprint calls for about 13000 metal. After building it, it says it is 22000 metal. Other resource types on the design are doing it too. My assumption is that it's based around not calculating RP costs on a turret since I've only seen it become inconsistent on turret/spin block designs.

Even after all of these issues, I have a question: Is it possible to make a setting where you can NOT capture enemy ships under any circumstances, outside of requiring a heartstone on a ship? I ran into a problem last night (which was a mistake of its own), and capturing some of the ships is pretty easy.
that menu come up when you push your mouse up to the side of the screen, its not a bug Big Grin

although, I don't need capslock on to use it...
looking tutorial for world editor.
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