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Full Version: 1.603 [Dev branch only]
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Fixing things and added in the extra functionality for the Q button.

fixed the faction drop down on the territory tab but still have to add a "fresh world" button.

Saves should work much better now.
Reposting here due to update and bug still existing.
Hi, I found a strange graphical bug on linux 64bit.
All I did was start the space designer, then jump upwards a bit. It keeps sort of fading in and out as I move vertically, depending on speed and direction.
Does it disappear when you go down to sea level?
Issue 1: Either I'm doing something wrong, or the land merge tool isn't working as well as it did before. Now there are huge gaps between sections of the land I'm working on, even though I've gone through and adjusted them a little more to see if they would connect. It seems to happen when there's a large height difference between one section to another.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Issue 2: For some reason, my player-controlled faction, which is last on the faction info, has a strength count applied to the tiles. However, the Vehement Seekers, the first enemy faction and at the top of the list, does NOT give the option for strength count. Even more weirdly, the Tsunami Genesis, the second faction, has a strength count applied to controlled areas too. Is the strength count option separate from the "AI controlled faction" and "Player faction?"

Here is the issue at hand. The white is the player, the red is the Vehement Seekers (AI). Notice the garrison count for the player, but no garrison count for the Vehement Seekers. Oddly enough, but not shown, the Tsunami Genesis comes up with a garrison number.
[Image: I5sDMFF.png]

EDIT: This seems to be a text display issue according to Majyst. He can clearly see the numbers, whereas I can't.

Issue 3: Trying to adjust any of a resource zone's material's growth rate to "low" for resources doesn't seem to work. In fact, it causes the resource's "total" resource to become "low" instead. All other functions are normal from what I can see when involving this.
This may be a weird question, but do the dev versions of FTD (or even the program in general) by any chance have any sort of logging mode?
(2015-05-07, 04:30 AM)Nick Smart Wrote: [ -> ]Does it disappear when you go down to sea level?

Yeah, seems to only occur when at a decent altitude.
Thanks abyay did you change resolution settings of planet?
I haven't changed the resolution setting on the planet to my knowledge. The only thing I changed was the terrain height/depth to 400 instead of 500.
Okay thanks I'll see if that creates issues for me. Does problem persist after quitting and reloading FTD? Those terrain Segs are kept for the entire duration of play so it's probable they were created with 500 and then some were created with 400 making an issue appear
I've verified integrity of game cache after quitting, reloaded, pretty much everything outside of uninstalling/reinstalling. I made the depth adjustment last night prior to this update.

As for the other issues, they're not necessarily major, but they are annoying. Majyst and I have confirmed that Issue #2 is a visual bug; while in the world editor, only that faction's garrison numbers won't show up, yet all others do.

Are scrap smelters supposed to stop working while out of play?

Now I have one that will mess with your head. Whenever I spawn a Vehement Seekers craft in my vehicle designer, it assumes the player is to control it. The faction is set to be AI controlled, not player. If I spawn it underneath "The Player", it counts it as an enemy.

After some analysis, I've come to this conclusion: If the supposed player faction is NOT the first faction, it causes a mess of trouble. Nick, I beg of this; please allow the option to move factions around in the menu. If that can't be made, all of my faction progress I've made will have to be scrapped.
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