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Full Version: Lemniack Navy application
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Post here if you want to join Lemniack Navy.

Things you need to post: IGN, speciality and steam name

IGN: Lemmington
speciality: building large ships
steam name: Lemmington_x

If you don't have a speciality or don't want to spesialize in somehting, then you type: 'jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none'.

We will accept anyone who wants to join and is loyal to Nick Smart.

The recuirement requirements may change in the future.
Speciality:building ai and upgrading ships
er... hi
my name is sonic. and i just recently got the money to buy this game. and have done nothing but fall in love with its forums and the game itself, i can honestly say it is everything i wanted in a game. and i had the luck of catching it in prealpha. i want to join your clan. as being a part of a team is something i strive to be good at (ROTC program at my school as well. i like structure). but i also love to have a good time and just have fun. i would like to get in early, as leadership positions ive learned are met through hard work and not being a tool. i have team speak and a i7 laptop. am currently 16. and unfortunately follow a school schedule. but am willing to set aside as much time is needed for the good of the clan as a whole...
thats all i have to say really 07
specailty: pilot. small craft. 7/10 builder
Secialty:building fast boats and AI
Can Not build a plane! I just cant ;(
IGN: h0yer
Specialty: Vessel design, refitting, procedural turret design, platform adaption and systems integration, parametrizing, reverse-engineering, recreation of "RL" systems/platforms, demonstrational ad-hoc contructions, etc... Big Grin

Well, I'm applying as a part-time-engineer. I'm not very active in uploading screenshots/constructions, but this might change Wink
Will add some screenies/examples, after work...
Got a PM invitation, but figured I'd post something here anyways. xD

IGN: Gharland
Specialty: Biplanes and weaponized insanity

Current projects include re-creating WWI and other bizarre flying boats and biplanes, after getting my proof-of-concept vehicle posted on the forums. Working on a big one right now, and while my creations may not be the most min-maxed effective things, why bother fighting if you cant fight in style?

Steam Name: LeoLatalis
IGN: stormbraker
Specialty: Building everything above 10000 Blocks

I really like building ships, fortresses and Air and Spaceships without too many restrictions.
Most of my vehicles are not really useful in survival, but are beautiful to look at Smile
The games I play the most (at the moment): War thunder, Minecraft, Anno 2070, Skyrim and ftd!
EDIT: Steam Name: stormbraker_01
A stray application from loner

(2014-07-20, 10:01 PM)Loner420xxx Wrote: [ -> ]Hello im Loner420xx everywhere you look for me. i have no specialty except perhaps endurance in the building process.bigger is better Smile i would love to get involved in the Lemniak Navy .
IGN Kill_La_Kill
speciality : jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none
IGN: Chris530
Forum name: ChrisP
speciality: Ship design/construction, weapons designer
steam name: JuiceBox.jpg

Felt like i kinda got off on the wrong foot with you on my battleship post, so i just wanna say hey there. Smile
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