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Full Version: 1.594 (both branches)
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Those people who had problems with fleets not showing on the map should find those problems fixed now.

Those people who built such large and high antennas that it lagged the game to it's knees will find a maximum view distance imposed (about 10 times the default view distance for a vehicle without an antenna).

The camera bug in multiplayer after respawning has been fixed.
haha, mini-nerdpole radars it is Wink
Yep, I can see the unit in VD now. Awesome.
Yes thank you for the Respawn update! Smile
Is there any way to keep air ships at altitude yet? I've tried the hold right mouse and select an altitude, but when out of play, saving/quitting/loading I find them back at sea level.
(2015-02-17, 12:31 AM)khaz Wrote: [ -> ]haha, mini-nerdpole radars it is Wink

Lol Smile
Thanks nick! You rock
So if we go by this...

[Image: HtoFHEz.png]

Then what part of From The Depths would be equivalent to the cat's tail?
so, found a bug. after a battle with a large SS fleet I was left with this, what appears to be three torpedo buys in a fleet, left over presumably from the greyhound I had noticed during the battle. they will not go into play, no matter what I do they just sit there blockading my fleets.
[Image: ExHSqjQl.jpg]
if you can tell me how i can send you the save file, right now I can't seem to find it.