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Full Version: Picture request
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I'd really appreciate some nice top down screen shots of your favorite (most majestic) designs in as high a resolution format as possible. Just post them here and you never know, they might end up in the logo for the game Smile

Only criteria is a down down perspective (the vehicle can be a plane or a ship or a submarine underwater) combat effects are fine as well but perhaps take one image without and one image with.

Try and get the vehicle to full the picture so the vehicle itself is high resolution!
When you say top down / down do you mean images like this?
[Image: iyIlIHcl.jpg]
(this doubles as confirmation and also shameless self advertising for HMS Hood replica Tongue )

Also is there any way to boost the res of ingame screenshots?
Yep that's what I mean Smile nice example. Only way to boost it is to set your in game resolution as high as possible and try and get the vehicle to fill the screen as much as possible. Consider hitting print screen rather than the screen shot button to avoid any jpeg encoding.
what about for aircraft looking at the belly isometrically?
Yeah that's fine the aircraft can be pulling any maneouver but the view should be downwards =]
Obviously, I'm going to chose the Warspite.

[Image: 2015-02-16_15%2048%2001.jpg]
Lamb that is very nice!
Well the best looking ones I've made don't actually look that great top/down but here's two that look good in that format Smile

[Image: overhead2_zpsbos0nyqi.png]

[Image: overhead1_zpslmjvbkwv.png]

They're 1920x1080 but the forum auto scales - ack scratch that its photobucket doing it, and the screenshots are too large to attach lol

*edit edit*
ahh you can follow the urls and click the little magnifying glass to see full res:
Someone with a better comp want to snap a top-down photo of the iron butterfly?
Not sure about how high-res I can get it haha

Sorry for directly attaching into forum: highest quality as i can get it.
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