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Full Version: 1.593 (both branches)
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Hopefully the bugs that were raised in the last version are fixed in this version- as well as stopping the lag due to fog of war calculations being reduced.

The new vehicles and fleets added by the Keepers of the Lore are added so there are about 8 new vehicles and a new TG fleet. Thanks everyone for co-ordinating these submissions
Did reduce the effect of height on the dishes scan distance?
It did, yes
It varies now with the square root of the altitude / 25

sqrt(alt/25) ... rather than sqrt(alt)/25
I just wanted to go to bed... -.-
On the strategic map, still not seeing any forces in developer mode, only campaign. Includes spawned in targets/enemies. Projectiles show up, but the close-in arrows and the zoomed-out symbols are both missing still.
Same here, Mehve.
Could you make that I can see the centre of mass tought* blocks please?

* (sry idk if this is the right word)
When you're in build mode, press "P", to shrink the blocks. That will let you see the center of mass marker.
I have the bad habid that I always make mistakes while bulding with shrinked blocks. ^^
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