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Full Version: 1.591 (both branches)
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Mostly bug fixes with the exception of begining to add a sort of "temperature mechanic" to things for the IR seekers (still very basic) and adding the "thruster balancing thing". Thruster balancing is not really suitable for boats who usually have their propellers under the Centre of mass and just deal with it, but the code should work for balancing the thrust of your aircraft in the forwards direction. It will compensate for wings and if you stick some up/down/left/right facing "main" propulsion jets on the aircraft it will use them as necessary to cancel any unwanted torques. Access the manual balancing button from the V menu physics panel and use the new AI card to have the AI automatically balance after changes to the jet layout ( damage, repairs, etc).

[1.591] Resource regeneration fixed in resource zones
[1.591] Missile rendering after launch pad destruction fixed
[1.591] Resource cost calculation in qual GUI the same as elsewhere
[1.591] Camera control in multiplayer fixed
[1.591] Fixed the prefab capture size
[1.591] Remote camera fixed
[1.591] AI Thruster balancing card added
[1.591] Manual thruster balance button added to V menu
[1.591] Jets, heat decoys and engines have a temperature that increases when in use and IR seekers will go for roughly the hottest object
[1.591] Constructable health is now an input to the automatic control block
[1.591] More vehicles for the campaign added
Nice!, Will have to test out the thruster balancing Smile

WOOO Nicks Back Baby!
Q: does also use waterfoils to balance thrust?
Does thrust balance also take custom jets into account?
Works a bit odd but works for the forward direction. Forward facing and upwards facing engines set to main work. Sideways and downwards engines set to main just stay always on.
On a side note, the tooltip says "forwards facing thrusters in 'thruster mode'", but you can only have forward facing jets set to main?
Guess who made the first bugreport!
Does this affect or change the behavior of Jet Stabilizers in any way?
Hey Khaz- yes you are correct that "main" is the only option for propulsion that faces forwards, unfortunately the game doesn't set them to main until you open the GUI so it's a bit of a moot point- they act the same anyways. Hmm I've personally seen (as you say) upwards facing "main" propulsion be put to good use but I've not checked downwards and left/right to see if it is adjusted accordingly. Perhaps there is an issue there.

Next step is to create a vehicle controller that uses different balance setups to achieve the following:

Y: Yaw left
I: yaw right
U : nose up
J: nose down
T : forwards
G: backwards
H: roll left
K : roll right
up arrow : upwards
down arrow : downwards
left arrow : sidestep left
right arrow : sidestep right
In answer to your question spiz it doesn't affect jet stabilisers in any way. It actually wont (or shouldn't) affect ANYTHING in any way unless you press that button on the V menu or add the AI card for it.
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