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Full Version: 1.586 (both branches)
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Fixed the teleportation of ships when damaged

64 bit windows build should actually download this time (it seems I was the only one who had it!)
Thus far, my two biggest concerns, the fortress lag and spin/turret blocks, are both resolved. A lot of ships seem to be running stable, but I'll be going through and testing a lot of stuff.

Well there is always 169 Wink
Fixed it! (i'll remove the rating when he gets back up to 70 Tongue )
There's one thing I've always been curious of; in the intro, how are those ships generated? Are there a set few prepared to be placed into battle, because there's usually just a key few that I end up seeing, mostly DWG ships and aircraft.
I left the intro running once to see if ship were replenished, all ship disappeared and camera went to space XD
Yep, it shuts down after a certain time to prevent some memory overdosing...
Could we have option to turn intro off? It makes game start soo slow on my toaster...
I think it lets the game preload assets so it's much faster to get into the vehicle designer/campaign.

I was actually just thinking how quickly FTD loads in general, which was noteworthy to me because my laptop has a 5400 RPM HDD from hell.
Alright, Fixed his rep Tongue
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