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Full Version: 1.584 (Development)
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[1.584] Turrets and spinners contribute to centre of mass of vehicle, and have buoyancy calculated for them and applied

Most things seem OK with this scheme now.

Post any bugs here please =]
The Paddlegun didn't immediately sink this time, nor did my other paddle-using designs.

I'm going to keep looking for stuff, but so far, nothing unusual has caught my eye.
Yep, think we can put this one into stable, a few WF ships did weird things but I was able to fix them.
yep works fine now ^^
While the Culverin and Stalwart seem to be acting better now, their changes that I did to stabilize them for 1.583 make them work superbly for 1.584. I guess adding some leeway of weight did a ton, and their improved forms should be pretty important to add due to other reasons too (mainly nerfing a little, and the Stalwart won't capsize when it loses 500 of its 5000+ blocks. lol)

While more recent changes have really affected a personal works plane (CoM vastly changed for some reason and just tilts its nose down now,) it's the only issue I've found, and that may be due to some outdated stuff anyway.
Huh, adding more than one fortress turbine to a fortress completely eliminated its power consumption and ability to gather resources for me. Power consumption and resource gathering returns when the 'extra' turbines are removed. Similar circumstances if original turbine is removed and a new one built.

Side note: Resource gathering is now a little TOO effective, with 5 oil drills and 5 resource gatherers I'm raking in tremendous amounts of resources. Miner skill is 'only' at 50 but it still seems excessive.
(I do like the "More gatherers means more output with diminishing returns, merely pointing out that it feels as though resources are just pouring in right now)
Now that you mention fortresses...I tried spawning in mine named the Vexaguard, and my game has dropped to playing like..1 frame per 5 seconds. It has a lot of turbines and a couple spin blocks on it, but this version would load up without issue before this. I've put the blueprint below if anyone else wants to try and load it.

Note: I've spawned in other fortresses, and while they do load, I'm only hitting about 3000 blocks used, and there is massive lag. Also, as Bomb said, it looks like turbines aren't using engine power.
Moving fortresses seems to produce significant lag as well, even small ones. Something has definitely gone oddly wrong with them.
EDIT: Firing restraints on turrets for fortresses appear to be... entirely uncorrelated to the 'direction' the fortress is facing.
EDIT2: Explosive warheads for missiles might need a buff, fragmentation ones are absolutely brutal now that their velocity is maintained...
My guess is that maybe it's generating errors of some sort while moving. When I spawned in the Earthraker (WF resource post), nothing was going wrong. When I spawned in the Absorbomatic, it started to lag a little, then when I spawned in the Spire, it really started to lag. The Vexaguard has more turbines than all of them combined, surely with ease, so that probably explains why.

Edit: In today's news, green nodes that seem to be full of weaponized energy have continued to rip holes in the ocean floor.
Ah okay fortresses must be broken shall have a look tonight haha
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