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Full Version: 1.583 (dev for now)
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Bug fixes

Lore keeper updates as requested

Some minor improvements

Unfortunately I realised the gravity for turrets and spinners was not being applied in the correct place and I've fixed that. It means however that paddlegun is totally nose diving (which kinda makes sense seeing as it has two massive guns at the nose).

I'd love to see paddlegun fixed!

Let me know what you think of this build via the poll.
Frag speed and torpedo detection issues fixed included as well?
Yeah! =]

WIll be re-releaseing with some fixes in a moment.
Okay updated with some fixes to things.
(and I've reverted Cezar and Dark hammer as the new versions just sank)
Already working on the Cezar.
Great Smile Thanks very much, no rush =]
Fixed the Cezar! In the BTS right now.
Fixed the pelican, working on the butterfly now.

Should I slow it down? or just amp up its turning thrusters?
The Culverin, while it doesn't immediately sink, is tilting back extremely badly, and would sink without its propellers. I'll work on fixing it. The Stalwart adjustment that I'm working on seems to tilt its nose up now, but after forever, I finally know why it was doing that even with the CoM way in the back, and is now abiding by physics more properly.

Combat tests I've yet to perform. Another quick question: Will CoM include the weight of turrets in its calculations while working on the main vehicle?
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