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Full Version: Grey Talons Battle Metrics
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Battle Metrics (BM), Efficiency Score (ES), Fleet Points (FP). and brief commentary for each in-game vehicle.
(How does one calculate the FP value?)

Scores are an average of 3 tests, rounded out, played till the vehicle is not firing, or destroyed.

Kite-Flyer -
BM - 420,155.
ES - 1.2
FP -
Comments - worked magically till the lasers came in, struck by the occasional missile, or lucky cannon-round, and with that efficiency score, the kite-flyer carries more than it's weight. I'm happy with it, although its time till attack run is forced could be lowered a tad for quicker runs.

Pelican -
BM - 354,061
ES - .48
FP -
Comments - Worked wonders, although its lack of turrets was showing, with its slightly too long attack run. Again though, lasers just diced it up. There should be some form of "sticky-smoke" for fast vehicles

GigaFighter (Personal version, which is up-to-date) -
BM - 1,045,410
ES - .82
FP -
Comments - worked beautifully, even though the test doesn't account for harpoons, or a vehicles ability to acquire multiple targets, fight went on till about 160 seconds

Iron Dragonfly -
BM - 299,096
ES - .16
FP -
Comments - Heavy frontal assault craft, the vast majority of its damage came from its initial slow attack run, only 2 of the 3 made it around for a second attack run, and only one of those got a third one in.

BM- 103,575
ES: 0.34
Comments: A high gauge frontal cannon just doesn't work very well unless the thing can turn REALLY sharply and hover- it tracks too slow!. But I guess it's cheap.

Hell Raven (for real) (five tests in sequence, but same as above otherwise)
BM: 2,317,275
ES: 2.37
Notes: Can put out a surprising amount of damage while half-capsized! Lost its custom jet quickly due to weak/insufficient rear shielding.

BM: 665,527
ES: 0.4
Notes: The low damage output belies the fact that it was basically untouched until the lasers kicked in and even then it took a while to take it down (the decoy barrels probably helped with that). I'm going to try running a test on three Valkyria's at once, see what the difference is. Actually no, spawning them together spawns them right on top of each other and they blow each other up in a silly way. ..I'll probably give you three tests with two Valkyria's, one low air one high air.

Low Air Dragon vs Low Air target:
Notes: Rather sturdy even under laser fire but seems to have trouble putting consistent damage on target. I tried to test two at once and they rammed ;-; Restarted the tests due to that- first one capsized at long range, resulting in a great deal of nothing. 0.42 efficiency on that, 739,668 points. Hopefully it's an outlier. Second test went well, ended with the thing crashing in front of the target due to damage. 976,490 points. Lasted 200 seconds. Third one went alright, crashed at range due to laser fire.

Low Air Dragon vs High Air target
ES: 0.91
Comments: More damage on both sides. First test had the dragon crashinto the sea, but in a good position to pound away with its side turrets until it got destroyed.1.46 efficiency on that one! Second run, again, splashed down but in a decent position to artillerate. Like, half as much BM points were had, though. Third one was even more questionable. Still, big difference.
(Good question.)

Did three tests at the same time, not sure if that tends to be different from three in sequence.
Hell Raven (Spawned in low air, versus sea level target)
BM: 2,146,862
ES: 2.2
Note: Went down at about 60 seconds, but continued firing all the way up to 200 seconds.

...actually hold on I used the one in my files not the ingame one. >.>
Also, I think the smoke not sticking is a balancing feature, so that lasers are better for anti-air work.
Preliminary notes on the in-game version: Despite losing its main engine quickly, it scores even higher than the one in my files.o.o
Hell Raven (for real) (five tests in sequence, but same as above otherwise)
BM: 2317275
ES: 2.37
Notes: Can put out a surprising amount of damage while half-capsized!
Yeah, but then the GT, being all aircraft, will just be shredded by lasers like they're DWG, and since the GT are an end-game faction I feel like they should be thrown a bone there, or something.

Either thicker, clingier smoke options, or anti-laser armor, or something, because you can still just build a super laser and snipe the entire GT.

Also, never actually saw the hell-raven ingame, truly, turrets are a must in the air hahaha
actually, I think the hell raven is downed before the lasers kick in (no rear shields to protect from cannon fire, loses the custom jet a little early)
not that it matters, those turrets just kept on shootin' haha

(Also, lets clean this thread up, I thnk you can edit my posts and vice versa, so just throw your data into the OP in the same format, if its possible)

that 2.3 ES lol, crazy.

I want all the GT aircraft to average at least slightly over 1 ES, you should have to really work to "Profit" from engagements with the GT
It does have a few rear shields. Obviously, not enough. xD
Honestly, it's fine haha, lets say that the hell raven and its ilk all hail from a particularly nutty Grey Talons Cloud-Tribe, with an odd lack of fear of the waves, or falling out of the sky.
Testing the Dragon shockingly confirms that the test configuration makes a difference.
You know what that means.

Don't worry so much about the test configurations for now.

Max just do a set like we've been doing, then another with the target in "low air"
If you really feel like being thorough