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Full Version: 1.581 (dev for now)
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I'd love to push this to stable when I get home late tonight so please test and get back to me via the poll

[1.581] Engineer attribute added

[1.581] Missile warners and LAMS work in qualification mode

[1.581] Hole in qualification mode sea bed fixed

[1.581] Test units missiles only aim at their designated targets

[1.581] Spawner auto spawning options saved correctly and used correctly

[1.581] Spawning in the qualification mode now works correctly with the spawned unit being targeted by the test units

[1.581] Fixed issues with lines (GUI,harpoon etc) stopping being drawn on screen

[1.581] Helicopters shown in spawn GUI in vehicle designer

[1.581] Spawning assigns vehicle to fleet correctly (campaign bug from last version)
i noticed a reproducable crash while testing my vehicle:
Getting weird behaviour from vehicle designer. Occasionally (25% of the time) when I bring in a vehicle or reinitialize the instance, I can no longer look up/down while controlling my avatar, and hitting tab loses me all my up/down/left/right panning but lets me move/ghost around. Also, occasionally (25%) the game simply locks when reinitializing (no error message pop up).

Also, not a bug, but the engineer attribute setting doesn't take effect until you reinitialize the setting (i.e. restart designer mode, etc). Which isn't a problem, unless some of the other settings do take effect in realtime, which would be exploitable by starting with maxed engineer, then moving the points elsewhere and keeping the improved engines.
Thanks that engineer thing us a bug and ill take a look at the camera control stuff as well! What is the blueprint causing the crash?
The crash has never happened when simply spawning in a blueprint (although the camera thing will), it's only ever happened while completely reinitializing the vehicle designer (with no custom vehicles previously spawned in, and none replacing the default raft). It's random, but will definitely happen if I keep doing it, nothing weird showing up in task manager at time of occurence. If there's a log file I can pull up after the next freeze, let me know.

Also, while the new power levels are reflected in the HUD, they aren't in the engine block mouseover. Nor do the altered fuel-efficiencies. The increased power draw will be noted (i.e. you'll see 200 power being pulled from a 150 power engine) Not sure if that's intentional or not.
I'll have to conduct testing when I get home from work tonight, if it's not already moved to stable by then.