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Full Version: straggled fire, ammo pumper, and so on
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1Confusedtaggered cannon add-on
It will be great for some Anti-Air cannon if they can fire one by one and provide a great continuous fire power. It works like a missile staggered fire add-on but can be connected to the turret block and all cannon on that turret fire one after another with some delay.

2:Ammo pumper
Now the cannons fires too quick, whether they were designed to be that or not, the ammo is refilled too slow, I often find my battleship have say 90,000 ammo in it's ammo barrel, but the turret stop firing because it has no ammo left inside. There should be some thing whether connect to the weapon or to the ammo barrel to speed it up.

3: Put ammo box out of the turret
Why should i make a ultra large turret to contain everything inside?It looks ugly and easy to get destroyed. Usually(in the real world) A turret just have the Loading machine and some control equipment. And the ammo is stored under the turret, I think it's OK to make the Auto-loader take the ammo directly from the ammo barrel on ship. Or at least allow us to put the ammo box out from the turret.

4:proximity fuse and flak shell
Just like the proximity fuse and Fragmentation warhead on missile. but it works for cannon.So it's possible to make some Anti-Air weapon.

5: separate shell types
If the suggestion 4 is really accepted, then we need some way to tell the AI or tell the cannon to use the flak shell or not. Maybe just use the 1,2,3 is good enough.

6:Smarter turret
For now if you build some typical battleship (all turret comes in one line and have a fire arc about 270 degree) Then a big problem is the turret only turns from the closest direction, so if you were firing at some target at right most direction(135 degree), and then you want it fire at some target at lefr side (270 degree), then the turret will stop there, because it closer to go clockwise (from 135->180->270), but it can't go further in that direction. So the turret AI need some improvement or let the player set the turn arc on turret's "Q" menu
1. It takes about 12-13 ammo boxes attached to autoloaders to get one cannon up to maximum rate, so you can generally remove a single one from a single cannon to stagger the shots without hurting your firing rate to much. That said, since the barrels fire independently, all you need is for one barrel to bear on the target first and it'll immediately start shooting before the others are aimed properly. It's actually a little rare to get perfectly synchronized firing when the AI is controlling things.

2. Nick has stated that this limitation is deliberate - people who want endless lead from their cannons have to factor this into their design considerations. I'm given to understand that a similar limitation is going to make itself known with missiles/torpedoes before long.

3. There's a cannon revamp coming, I believe this is actually in the plans.

6. A known issue. Best bet is to either allow a turret 360 degrees of movement (Not always possible), or restrict the turret movement to <180 degree circle so anything in its field of fire will always require rotating in the proper direction to bear on it.
Yeah as Mevhe mentioned several of these things are on the list for the cannon revamp.
The turret's logic does need a minor upgrade, even with firing arc restrictions in place it will sometimes decide to slap the barrel into a building or superstructure and sit like that for a few months... =p
1. you can set delays on the firing piece I believe. not perfect but it should work
3. 4. 5. already planned, part of custom cannon overhaul