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Full Version: Propulsion rapidly turning itself off and on
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So I made this airship and, while it works much better than I expected it would (Nick must have been working on PIDs over the past few months), the jet engines keep turning themselves on and off. The sound cuts out, the particle effects appear and disappear, the engine fluctuates between 0 use and maximum use, and I assume it makes the ship actually move slower.

Any Ideas as to what may be causing this? I've tried turning the PIDs off, but that didn't work. There is no Ai.
Attached is a copy of the airship.

Edit: I checked with some of my other constructs. This seems to be a problem with all jet engines.
It's a multi-threading problem. Since you posted this the issue has been largely resolved- but we still have some issues with the PIDs- we've got a ticket to sort that for the next release.