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Full Version: 2.4.6 [dev test]
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Hello all..

Was looking at the calendar and thinking "when will I find time to release the dev test this week" and it wasn't looking good... so I've just bitten the bullet and started the build now. So it's a bit of an untested one but I'm hoping you can help me find the bugs to help speed the process up

You'll get a feel for what we've been doing by reading these posts

Apologies in advance if there are a lot of bugs. It should run a lot smoother than before. It's just building now but should be out an hour or so.

The changelog is not complete- it probably only captures about 30% of the changes. Will work on that as well.

v2.4.6 [Add] <Block>: Mannequin block added. Options to automatically set pose still to come
v2.4.6 [Add] <Breadboard>: Added input with information about the flagship of the fleet
v2.4.6 [Add] <Breadboard>: Added input with information about the point the AI tries to steer towards
v2.4.6 [Add] <Breadboard>: Added optional grid to the breadboards. Modules will snap to it if enabled
v2.4.6 [Add] <Breadboard>: Scroll wheel now zooms in and out on the breadboard
v2.4.6 [Add] <Breadboard>: The 'del' key can now also be used to delete in- and output
v2.4.6 [Add] <Breadboard>: You can now zoom in and out in the breadboard
v2.4.6 [Change] <AI>: Changed the maximum for the adjuster disable range setting of the charge behaviour to 2000m
v2.4.6 [Change] <Controls>: You can now command an AI to attack a specific target (using E interface) regardless of if it has a target prioritisation card on
v2.4.6 [Change] <Threading>: All projectiles are calculated off the main thread now
v2.4.6 [Change] <Threading>: Connection of block subsystems is now done off the main thread
v2.4.6 [Change] <Threading>: Creation of chunked meshes is now done off the main thread
v2.4.6 [Change] <Threading>: Pathfinding now allocates much less temporary memory
v2.4.6 [Change] <Threading>: Power creation, usage and controllable blocks all processed off the main thread now
v2.4.6 [Change] <Threading>: Rams are more efficiently processed now
v2.4.6 [Change] <Threading>: Some repair logic and all detection logic calculations calculated off the main thread
v2.4.6 [Change] <Threading>: Terrain generation now runs much faster and with smaller memory allocations
v2.4.6 [Fix] <ACB>: ACB can now control the new GP-PIDs properly [BUGS-725]
v2.4.6 [Fix] <ACB>: Fixed [FTDSCRUM-288] ACB list of blocks to execute not updated properly with blocks added/removed to/from spinblocks
v2.4.6 [Fix] <Breadboard>: Fixed A, B, C, D and E drives of the propulsion module all affecting the A drive
v2.4.6 [Fix] <Lua>: Lua errors are now logged in the Lua box again [BUGS-769]
v2.4.6 [Fix] <Missiles>: [BUGS-629] Fixed LWCs not dropping bombs
I've added a "component" v2.4.6 to the bug tracker so you can post bugs there, please
Mad lad did it.
okay it's live now
It seems that I can spawn and play a battle of about double size. Very nice
Since it may be important to post it here due to someone having trouble converting back and forth: Enter devtest at your own risk. For now, it's advised to NOT go back to stable if you are not satisfied. Blueprints got corrupted between the transition and may not be usable anymore.
thanks for the heads up ABYAY!
My fps jumped from 21 to 39 and gamespeed from 0.6 to 0.84.
Thats some juicy improvement Big Grin
Glad these initial results are looking good Big Grin
(2019-06-13, 12:00 AM)Nick Smart Wrote: [ -> ]Glad these initial results are looking good Big Grin

I'm also happy you managed to get of such a heap of important improvements. Can't wait for them to become live.

You sometimes see people who are annoyed on principle that the game is still in early acces after all these years. I don't mind. Somehow you're still making it better and better after all those years, so all's well on that front Big Grin
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