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Full Version: "Point at and move backwards" AI Settings
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So after the latest update I thought I would like to pick up the game and play again. I wanted to make a hovercraft/airship that always points at the target, while moving backwards (only by reversing, not turning around). However I noticed that the "disable reverse" option was no longer there in AI. How can I make such a ship in the current version of FTD?
Soon there will be "simple AI" cards in the game that cover the most common behaviors with minimal configuration.
Planned cards:
- the one you mentioned
- circle target at a set distance
- bombing runs
I don't know how it will work for larger vessels but, "point at" behaviour routine and "sixaxis" manoeuvre routine works for helicopters. I have my helicopters set up to do exactly that - to keep pointing at the target whilst maintaining set distance by reversing.

I guess it should work the same for hovercraft and airships since they're basically the same thing.