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Full Version: MUltiplayer testing
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I'm making a real push to get the multiplayer stable in 2.4.4... I've been experimenting with it over the last few days and found a number of glaring issues that I'm in the process of fixing.

This thread lists very specific actions that can be performed in multiplayer to check correct functionality. Initially I'll just be throwing things up,  but later on I'll be organising them

-) Retrofit the starting fortress (co-op designer mode) into the starting fortress plus several stacked sub constructs, each with a LAMs system on it. Check that client and server both retrofit successfully, and can see the repairing of the new subconstructs. Check that both client and server can modify the LAMS on each level of the stacked sub constructs and see the syncronisation of the LAMs sliders. Note that LAMs could be replaced by shields or ACBs, it doesn't matter (all sliders are syncronised the same way). Check F2 UI (see notes below). Once fully repaired, conduct exactly the same retrofit again and check everything still works.
Current status: Many issues prior to 2.4.4. Now I've now fixed these and it appears to work fine in 2.4.4

-) Do the same as above but retrofitting to a fortress with sub vehicle drones on it.
Current status: not sure sub vehicles work at all under retrofit anyway...

-) Spawn a prefab of a missile system
Current status: broken- the component types are not syncronised across the network

-) Spawn a vehicle in designer with sub vehicles on it, each with stacked sub constructs on it. Check that blocks on each vehicle (and sub vehicle) and all of their stacked subobjects can be modified and sync both ways. Press F2 and observe the vehicle info. Check that force IDs are the same across client and host and network View IDs are the the same on client and host for every vehicle and subobject layer. 
Status: 2.4.4 gets this working

-) Do the same as above but in campaign, and repair the vehicles then do the check
Stauts: 2.4.4 gets this working

-) Do the same as above but pull and play the vehicles. Create a new vehicle in campaign and pull and play it.

-) Create a new vehicle in designer and place a block on it that has sliders and check that the sliders sync between client and host and visa-versa. Then remove every block of this vehicle and check it disappears from both client and host.
Status- working

-) Make a new vehicle next to the starting fortress in designer and put it into the fleet of the fortress and make the fortress the flagship and select the new vehicle as the drone of a newly placed subvehicle spawner on the fortress. Check that both client and host agree on state. Make a another SVS on the fortress and make the new vehicle the target of that SVS instead. Check states agree. Check F2 UI (see below)
Current status- Fixed for latest 2.4.4 build

-) Check build "Fill" on clients and host works
Current status -only works reliably on host, will fix ASAP.

Check F2 UI
Press F2 and check under the Vehicle tab that all vehicles have the same force ID and network view ID on all clients and on the host.
I'm appreciating this push for multiplayer, as I'm playing currently a lot of it and noticing a lot of discrepancies between host and other players which makes building on the same craft or explaining things difficult.
For example today, when in the oil-and-pirates-campaign I used the vehicle blueprint spawner to spawn in a craft, my friend couldn't see it, also not after pulling it out of play and playing it again and even during a battle, it just didn't exist for him on screen or in any menu.
If, however I spawn a craft from the normal load-design-menu everything synced normally.
I'll write a bug report too.
All of this is looking very promosing! It's really nice to see that updates are still being pumped out unnaturally fast!
(2019-04-21, 05:00 PM)bokke1010 Wrote: [ -> ]All of this is looking very promosing! It's really nice to see that updates are still being pumped out unnaturally fast!

This. Couldn't agree more! Big Grin