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Full Version: 2.4.2 & 2.4.3 series changelogs
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Hello all,

The focus this last week has been to make the new AI more versatile. There is now a module called the "adjuster" that sits between the behaviour and the manoeuvre routines and adjusts the waypoint to take acount of various things such as desired altitudes, avoiding other vehicles, pathfinding around sea or land. I'm quite pleased with the result of this. I've also expanded on the functionality of the breadboard (and made an AI version of the breadboard) that can be used to automate the switching of different behaviours. A lot of bugs have been fixed. Various usability improvements and simplifications have been made to the UI, and a few more AI behaviours (including a ramming AI) have been added.

v2.4.2 [Add] <Breadboard>: Added altitude type selection to the altitude input module
v2.4.2 [Add] <PID>: GP PID now has a simple axis responder that controls the fake set point
v2.4.2 [Change] <AI>: The addition of an automatic manoeuvre routines has been disabled, as many mainframes are for weapon control only and don't want one.
v2.4.2 [Fix] <AI>: [BUGS-699] Projectile avoidance additional routine crash fixed
v2.4.2 [Fix] <Avatar>: [BUGS-712] Fire control computer and weapons go unresponsive after avatar death
v2.4.2 [Fix] <Blocks>: [BUGS-711] Tooltip for air rudder and air elevator added, and alerts user when parts placed upside down. Many tooltips updated.
v2.4.2 [Fix] <Blocks>: [BUGS-722] Fixed a crash in the equation editor
v2.4.2 [Fix] <Linux>: [BUGS-721] Ensured the LUA .so files ship with the linux installers
v2.4.2 [Fix] <Missiles>: [BUGS-701] The 2x2 large missile hatch now mirrors correctly
v2.4.2 [Fix] <Story>: [BUGS-713] Most story mission events were pre-triggered and would not trigger again. Fixed now.
v2.4.2 [Fix] <UI>: [BUGS-700] Pressing the preset buttons in the game config tab of the options UI now triggers the reevaluation of the game's config after the options have been changed
v2.4.2 [Fix] <UI>: [BUGS-715] Fixed an issue with the display of fixed width tooltips
v2.4.2 [Fix] <UI>: Interaction with sub objects in build mode easier now
v2.4.3 [Add] <AI>: Added a universal waypoint adjustment module in between the behaviour and the manoeuvre
v2.4.3 [Add] <AI>: Added in some new AI behaviours, including a ramming one
v2.4.3 [Add] <AI>: Ramming AI has a new slider for disabling the adjuster when within a certain distance of the target
v2.4.3 [Add] <AI>: Six axis manoeuvre routine has a new 'look ahead distance' for configuring the way the vehicle points
v2.4.3 [Add] <AI>: The projectile avoidance additional routine can now target all vehicle movement axes (not just A/B/C/D/E)
v2.4.3 [Add] <Breadboards>: Added orientation input to the breadboards- providing roll pitch and yaw of the vehicle
v2.4.3 [Add] <Lua>: Added GetAIMovementMode and GetAIFiringMode functions to replace AIMode field. AIMode now returns only 'off' or 'on'
v2.4.3 [Add] <Lua>: Added GetPowerFraction and GetElectricPowerFraction functions
v2.4.3 [Add] <Lua>: Added PowerFraction and ElectricPowerFraction to FriendlyInfo
v2.4.3 [Add] <Modding>: Construct modules can now save data packets in the same way as the blocks do by overriding the UniqueSetId field and declaring the packets in the class
v2.4.3 [Add] <PIDS>: Added set point adjust (number added to the set point) and a set point multiply terms to the PIDs. This will make it easier to tweak the pitch of your vehicle so that it maintains altitude.
v2.4.3 [Add] <UI>: Added some refinements to the Responding module UI
v2.4.3 [Add] <UI>: Added to UI sliders so they don't change length as you are dragging them
v2.4.3 [Add] <UI>: Added tooltips to help show that it is possible to resize and move the UI windows
v2.4.3 [Add] <UI>: Provided toggles to hide a) misc axes, b) custom axes, c) secondary/tertiary drives d) strafe hover. This helps to declutter the UI
v2.4.3 [Add] <UI>: The AI UI now shows the details of one of the routines, alongside the main window
v2.4.3 [Add] <UI>: The LAMs UI has been updated- option to copy to all LAMS and copy just the color to all LAMs has been added
v2.4.3 [Add] <UI>: You can now right click the preset button to add the preset without removing other settings
v2.4.3 [Fix] <AI>: When you issue patrol orders the rotation is now used (important for six axis manoeuvre routine)
v2.4.3 [Fix] <Blocks>: [BUGS-726] Sub vehicle spawner no longer resets to default when put into play
v2.4.3 [Fix] <Blocks>: [BUGS-80] Pulsed LAM beams now color correctly
v2.4.3 [Fix] <Multiplayer>: [BUGS-731] Issues with the removal of turrets and spinners fixed (removing the block under them caused de-sync issue)
v2.4.3 [Fix] <Multiplayer>: [BUGS-733] Missile component changes now synchronise over the network correctly
v2.4.3 [Fix] <Multiplayer>: [BUGS-734] ACBs now run on the clients right up until the point of making the change- this ensures all the UI data is correct on clients
v2.4.3 [Fix] <Weapons>: [BUGS-736] setting restraints relative to parent construct now shows the correct visualization of the constraint setting arrows
Wow, lots of good changes in there, and the turnaround time on those bug reports was fast! Il'l keep looking for more multiplayer issues =]
(2019-04-18, 07:49 PM)vyrus Wrote: [ -> ]Wow, lots of good changes in there, and the turnaround time on those bug reports was fast! Il'l keep looking for more multiplayer issues =]

Thanks, I've identified a few myself (copy pasting, in all forms, does not sync, and the breadboards do not properly sync either).
\o/ Happiness is updates. Some games (*ahem* Space Engineers I'm looking at you) update and literally destroy the game 90% of the time and then take weeks/months to patch back into crappy functionality. FTD? I see an update and immediately know it wont break my game hard and EVEN IF IT DOES it will be fixed promptly. "Stable" release means stable instead of "less experimental and still probably broken" generally. I've never been scared to update this game. Had a few "aww gee whiz it's unplayable for now" and came back a few days later only to see the issue resolved. Big Grin

This is by far my most played game of all time. It takes the play time of the other 100 or so games I own in Steam to even come close to matching my hours spent in FTD. Civilization V is hideously slow and I have literally just left it on for weeks while I moved once every hour or so... and it still doesn't have the kind of play time FTD has (and I don't leave FTD running). Thanks for making something so close to what I had wanted from these kinds of games. So... what about one that is just... in space? Removes the nastiness of air and water physics. Yes. I know the current game has a "space area" but I was kind of hoping for an interplanetary odyssey version. Wink Maybe for 2025 when you're done with existing stuff, right? LOL
Thanks Nick! Awesome work

Laying a little low on gaming at the moment, but I look forward to future changes in the same vein before I get back in.

It's great having you around again!
dont know if its a future or a bug, but am glad that unlimitet range now is unlimitetd range for an LCW

now i can have heavy arty duel#s at proppe ranges of 13+ Km
(this Lamb thyr now can spam all its shells all over the place)

another think i noticed is ships tend to sink(or switch to a semi-dive-mode) alot faster