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Full Version: April 2019 3 month plan
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Hello all,

Sorry for the lack of updates, had some health and family issues to attend to (all sorted now), and the AI / control / data structure update took longer than expected.

For the next three months I'd like to set some context. A large bank has very kindly accepted me onto a sort of incubator program where they provide office space, other lovely people to network and work with, free coffee and lots of mentoring. This is a six month program and my aim for it is to have Forgotten Shores (my second game) released to you all for testing by the end of it. That's going to take some doing.

My other goal for it is to increase the number of sales of From the Depths to make the revenue stream, and by extension, the player base, healthy.

To that end I'll the focus of my development in FTD over the next few months will be:

1) To improve the user friendliness of the UIs, and the game as a whole, so that new players have a high chance of converting into fans
2) To remove bugs and clear the bug tickets posted already to make it as stable as possible
3) Make sure that the features of the game that I want to keep are complete, and the ones I will not be completing to hide away somehow, or remove completely, in a few cases
4) To get back into the habit of communicating with the community on here, steam forums, reddit, discord,
5) To focus on the marketing and branding of the game. Steam store-page and Steam curator connect mainly, to try and bag another "Robbaz" and keep the game alive and in development for another 5 years Big Grin

I'm quietly confident that a concerted effort in this direction will pay off, and I'm sure even our most hardcore players will appreciate a bit of polish rather than throwing more features in.

As for the rest of the team there are three part time developers who will be adding features to FTD and fleshing out what is already there. I want to prioritise working through the requests of the request tracker.
Gladyon - picking up popular requests from the requests tracker
HerpeDerpeDerp - picking up popular requests from the requests tracker
Draba - focusing on adding more AI modules to the new AI system

And Hikari and Karbengo and the KOTL will be keeping tabs on the game's vehicles/missions/campaigns and other content to make sure it all works well

And Rhea will be continuing to make new 3D models and blocks for the game
(2019-04-12, 04:18 PM)Nick Smart Wrote: [ -> ]4) To get back into the habit of communicating with the community on here, steam forums, reddit, discord,
5) To focus on the marketing and branding of the game. Steam store-page and Steam curator connect mainly, to try and bag another "Robbaz" and keep the game alive and in development for another 5 years Big Grin

1.Get the people from the discord on the forum again as well so important things can get communicated here where it stays and doesn't dissapier in 2 minutes.

2. What about Khaz? what is he doing?
Khaz left the team quite a long time ago actually

I will keep my updates predominantly on this forum
Thank you Nick! I've been worried about some of the issues mentioned. I'm glad you are back and have addressed them. I'm looking forward to the future.
To attract new people a better UI would be important and a good new campaign so you are encouraged to not just build but use your builds in a fun game Smile
Nice to have you back Nick . The second or third time but hey im happy that one of my favorite game wont die but grow :3
Glad you made this post before it is too late, your former lack of communication does a damage, even if it isnt as apparent but the cracks do show.

However i dread about the third point because there is aspect of the game that i outdated or works barely enough and that has to be the editor and many of its features. While removing the access to editor is nonsense... some less used features... like RTS aspects.. aaand the WW2 campaign, ah yes, sadly i could call them victims of the executioners axe or atleast some time in a dungeon before its truly ready. So dont do that but consider this, RTS features arent a lost cause but to be fully utilized they need a campaign that is not crap and is actually fun to play in some way. I can see the potential but it will require more of everything.

Thats why i propose you and your henchmen/henchwomen/Henchthings/fresh blood to the team ,to make a new campaign to take WW2 DW place as RTS styled campaign, it could be placed on Neter (Like to show of another piece of history). None of this realistic nonsense that only makes the gameplay horrible, boring or laggy af and most of all makes maintenance and unit construction more time consuming than it deserves. You could gather new crew for that project here, some guys have been present for a long time and its unlikely they do a Majyst and be gone without explanation. Or atleast pick people you know they wont let it rot, who would be really invested in the project, those loyal.... Harder leadership does make a difference...

You heard the drill from me about the strategic AI but it needs to be improved and worked on at some point, better before you try to do a mass push to the wider audience.
Glad to see a clear roadmap on development.

Making the UIs and AIs more straightforward to use will go a long way towards helping newer players get into the game imo, I feel the last update complicated it rather than streamlining it. I also think the in game tutorials could definitley use some updating too. I think once those are done then it'd be in a better state to recommend to any biggish youtuber/streamer
Given the size and scope of recent patches you've got no complaints from me in the features and content department (save for the cleaning of bugs and stuff).  I have an appreciation as an engineer for how much effort can go into the kind of quality of life and future-proofing fixes under the hood you've alluded to, the benefits of which are hard to describe and show but are generally well worth the effort.

Guardedly happy to hear a re-commitment to the forums and the outreach towards the steam branch will, i'm sure, be a very welcome bit of magic.  Keep up the great stuff, and hoping to see this branch of the game world get some new life before summer's end!
I can only applaud this I feel. Quality of life over content upgrades, and more new players are both direly needed!

But as MrVecz mentioned, kindly keep the campaign editor in there for us advanced CC builders - it's led to a few great projects so far!

And if quality of life will get improved, maybe upgrade it instead of slashing it?

Cheering you on from the sidelines!

Quick edit: before I forget, can we get a small summary of what the other developers are currently actively working on?
Welcome back!

The most interested point in the post (other than posting itself!) is Nick got supports which is not only venal.
Though Nick was not always perfect for instance discommunication of the past long months, Now he can get much better way.
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