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Full Version: Bad FPS
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I have the latest version from Steam. 

Im not sure what is going on really. Im getting incredibly bad FPS and stuttering. 

i7 8750H 
8Gb Ram
Geforce GTX 1060

I load a ship of my own design of about roughly 4000 blocks,then load the Walrus design from the core game and let them fight. Sometimes my FPS drops to 15/20 and game gets slow (and not due to large explosions). Would this be normal with my setup? Do I need more ram? Is the GPu good enough?

I have more than the recommend settings, so I dont know why its perforing so badly. 

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Your set up should be up to par to run a good amount of blocks, but you have tp remember that the game doesnt really have multi core support and another thing is you shoupd try playing around with the graphics settings since update 2.0 they can tax your pc quite a lot.
First thing you can try is there is a setting GPU or CPU wave rendering so try setting that to that the opposite from what its set to now.
Setting the graphics settings to minimum can be a good test.

Personnaly i have the at minimum graphics but that is because i had build a 50k block ship.
And i run 16GB DDR3 RAM i3-2120 and a gtx950

Sending a picture and or blueprint of your ship would be nice too.
did u run ultra settings? (with the new Gpu based water this is pretty taxing on the gpu@1440p and up)

the energy setting set to max performance (right buttom corner the battery symblo)

how are the thermals on gpu/cpu? (anything below 80°C is fine)

last thing are u using lua? (lua scripts can be very taxing on the cpu)