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Full Version: Happy Holidays Event 2018/2019
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Here are the Blueprints I promised.
December 19th will the be the final day. Please try to get your designs in by than Big Grin
well since the time limit is almost up, i'll post this

Mecha Krampus is an all around heavy vehicle, it can take a lot of damage, dish out damage quite well, and it can fight other vehicle types too

the only weaknesses is the exposed detection and weak weapon armour (only one layer of metal around the weapons)

the base is fairly tough too, but it can be easily crippled

hope this gets in
[Image: 45EAB4F3D266F44FA76E93ECAC25263F054564F9]
Inspired by the robot santa from futurama. Not very durable, but at least it's pretty when it blows up =]
here is my second entry

ACB-tronic attack deer

animated legs and neck (hip,knee,ankle joints each leg, shoulder and elbow joints on each fore leg, and base of neck,  with 2 to 4 pose frames as it run/flies.  and it generates little puffs of "magic" each time it prances like "real" flying reindeer do.

i think I cornered the market on ACB's cause these are like 40% ACB by volume.

Armed with 6 simple lasers in the head.

R.D.L.F has cohorts with him V.I.X.N.  C.U.P.D.  D.S.H.R.  and P.R.C.R.   each with slightly different flying characteristics to try and avoid collisions (doesn't always work but I'm out of time)
[Image: deer.jpg]
Theyre not terribly dangerous but they are cool, and a good early / easy harassment type of flyer

Each deer
  • Cost: 10k 
  • Block count: 448
  • Weapons: 6x Simple Laser
  • Relatively easy to kill although bouncy and flying ~65 m/s
  • Steam powered
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